Moto X Force (DROID Turbo 2) exposed again, shows off mysterious new sensors


Motorola X Force DROID Turbo 2 white 1

Earlier this week we got our best look yet at the Moto X Force, a phone we’re expecting to launch in the US as the DROID Turbo 2 exclusively for Verizon Wireless. Last time around, it was the murdered-out version of the the phone, that is, the model with the black front, gun metal sides, and black leather back. The color was fine, but it didn’t give us a good look at Motorola’s mysterious sensors arrangement they had going on toward the bottom of the phone. In fact, most outlets overlooked this entirely.

Motorola Moto X Force DROID Turbo 2 Bounce

Late last evening, @Upleaks returned with a handful of new press renders, this time of the phone prominently displayed in white, along with red, white, and blue color options (‘Merica). The best part about the newly leaked white color is we get a much better look at Motorola’s strange sensors. You can see the dots — which are the same IR sensors that come on the Moto X Style — but what’s really interesting is the elongated ones which definitely aren’t speakers/mic (why wouldn’t they use the same grill as the top of the phone?).

So, what exactly are they? We have no clue. We’re hoping that huge chin bezel serves more purpose than simple hand gestures, perhaps hiding a fingerprint reader underneath. We saw Qualcomm experimenting with this technology back during Mobile World Congress, so it’s not too far fetched an idea.

One thing we want to point out on the leaked backs are the different accent colors surrounding the camera module. This could be a hint that the phone will also be available on Moto Maker for buyers to customize. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. As it stands, we’re going to hold off on all these new Androids until Motorola can at least make this device official. Don’t want to make any hasty decisions.

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