S-Pen stuck inside your Galaxy Note 5? Fix it with a simple piece of paper [VIDEO]


Have you been living under a rock the past few days and missed the big uproar that was caused when the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was found to have a major design flaw? Hopefully not, because you might not have known to be extra careful about reinserting your S-Pen back into the device the right way. Throwing it in backwards might cause it to get stuck and break the detection sensor inside the device.

Thankfully, there is a sliver of hope for fixing it yourself if you haven’t already yanked it out of there with force. How2Tech posted a demonstration showing that all you need is a thin piece of paper to free your S-Pen from its shackles without harming the device.

It simply involves sliding a piece of paper up the holding bay far enough so that the paper pushes the detection sensor inward. This would ideally allow your S-Pen to slide by it without the clicky top snapping the detection sensor.

s-pen trick

It might take a steady hand and the patience of a God, but if it means saving yourself an $800 headache then we imagine you’ll be glad to give it a try. And if you haven’t had the unfortunate incident occur for you yet, please be careful and make sure the pointy end goes into the bottom of the phone first. Video’s sitting right above.

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