Aug 25th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:36 pm

Quick reminder, tip, heads-up and whatever else you need it to be: inserting stuff wrong could cause it to break. That’s true for almost everything, and the newest thing it’s true for is your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Consider yourself warned that inserting your S-Pen into your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 backwards could cause the phone to break. Make sure the tip of the S-Pen that you would use to write on the display with is going in head first, meaning the clickable top will be the last visible part of the S-Pen before it’s fully inserted.

Doing this wrong won’t totally doom your phone, mind you, but it could cause your S-Pen to get stuck in there, and there’s a chance S-Pen auto-detection will kick the can, too.

To be fair to Samsung, this warning is in the user manual that no one ever reads:

note 5 s pen

It’s also just plain common sense to make sure you place things where they’re supposed to go in correct fashion. If yours breaks as a result of carelessness, well, fingers crossed Samsung or your carrier will hook you up with a free repair. Otherwise, let it serve as a very valuable (and expensive) lesson learned.

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