Deal: 128GB SanDisk microSD card for $59 at Amazon


128GB MicroSD

Need a hefty microSD card to hold all your files? Amazon’s latest deal shouldn’t be ignored: $59 for SanDisk’s 128GB chip. Compare this to Lexar’s similar product, which is going for as high as $94 right now.

This is a Class 10 UHS-1 card, which is good enough to deliver read speeds of up to 48 megabytes per second. The chip also comes with a full-sized SD card reader, so if you need to use it inside a computer or a device without a microSD slot then you should have no issues.  It should work in any device which excepts a microSDXC card, which means it’s pretty much compatible most modern smartphones and tablets out now.

Of course, this also comes with free shipping so you won’t have to pay  anything more aside from standard tax in your area. Be sure to find the deal right here if you’re in!

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