Leaked Motorola DROID MAXX 2 back covers do, in fact, look like the Moto X Play


droid maxx 2

It was only a few short days ago our sources told us to expect a variant of the Moto X Play to arrive in the United States as Verizon’s DROID MAXX 2, and now we have our first tangible evidence that is indeed what’s going down. HelloMotoHK has leaked a back cover for the DROID MAXX 2, and surprise surprise — it looks strikingly similar, if not almost identical, to the Moto X Play’s:


The only difference we can notice is that bold DROID branding slapped onto the bottom, something we’re sure Verizon made sure not to miss when they asked Motorola to make it. We have to admit we’re a bit surprised to see White as a standard color choice for the backplate here, though we’re sure a black-laced model will be available right alongside it once it launches.

Thankfully, this thing is comparable to the Moto X Play in more than just looks and internals: it’ll also be reasonably priced at $300, according to our sources. That should make it a hot item for anyone who digs the DROID brand but can’t stand to splurge for something with a bit more oomph. For those folks? The forthcoming DROID Turbo 2 might be more your style.

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