This could be our first real look at the Huawei Nexus and its weird camera hump


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We’ve seen a lot of renders and prototypes of Huawei’s forthcoming Nexus device, but we may finally have our first look at the real deal in the flesh. The leak is rather revealing, giving us a very clear look at both the front and rear of the device.

Let’s start on the rear, which is infinitely more interesting than the other side. There’s a Nexus logo. There’s a fingerprint scanner. There’s also an awkward-looking camera hump on the back not unlike the ones in the age of the Motorola DROID X.

But we can dig it. Boy, can we dig it. The camera sensor is flanked by a dual-flash setup, though there isn’t much more to say about its placement. The build does appear to be mostly metal, something a previous leak told us to expect with this launch.

huawei nexus leak 2

Flipping things to the other side, we get a lot more standard of a look, though those dual front-facing speakers certainly speak to the feel-good parts of our membrane. Whether they’ll sound any good is a different story, but we aren’t worrying about it for now.

The phone is also as big as advertised, with rumors suggesting a form factor of 5.7 inches. It’ll be a nice option for those who just can’t go back to smaller phones after using the humongous 5.9-inch Nexus 6.

huawei nexus weibo 2

A separate leak on Weibo also seems to confirm some of the rumored specs we’ve been hearing about, including the use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810, 4GB of RAM, USB Type-C and as much as 64GB of internal storage. You can see the phone pictured here in a case likely designed to protect its identity (though they really aren’t fooling anyone).

huawei nexus weibo 3

Huawei has to hit a homerun with this device if they want to take their first giant step into the North American smartphone scene, and this is sounding like quite the vehicle to make that happen. The design might be a bit quirky, but we’re sure there’ll be plenty of reasons to disregard that and take notice once they make this thing official.

huawei nexus weibo 4

There’s one word of caution in regards to this leak: there’s a witchhunt out to prove it’s fake. This guy makes a pretty compelling argument, though considering @onleaks has chimed in to say the person supplying his leaks (which have turned out to be pretty damn accurate to date) confirms that the device we see in the above photos is real, we’re going to leave both possibilities wide open. Let’s hear your thoughts down below!

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