Someone created a pretty damn convincing Huawei Nexus product video


Huawei Nexus 6 product video concept

We have a pretty good idea of what Google probably has in store for still unannounced LG and Huawei Nexus devices as far as their general shape and size. This is thanks to case makers leaking out 3D schematics they’ve received from OEMs, thus revealing some of the finer details for us to examine.

Over the weekend we even saw some people throwing up detailed 3D renders based on these leaked schematics for both LG and Huawei Nexuses. The attention to detail was phenomenal (they almost looked like real devices), although it appears someone has now taken that one step further with a full on product video for the Huawei Nexus. It’s actually quite good, almost reminiscent of those Apple commercials with dramatic music and the camera panning n’ zooming all around the phone. Have a look for yourself.

We’re still not entirely sure how we feel about the color scheme, but this isn’t final by any means. Often times these 3D renders are constructed from little more than wireframe models which don’t reveal the colors or finish of the device. That being said, we’ll admit — we’re suddenly taking a liking to this Huawei Nexus. Depending on whether or not we can handle 5.7-inches, we might just be opting for this model.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here was that Huawei Nexus render from last weekend:

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