Vertical video done right: watch an awkward breakup as it happens in real time [VIDEO]


Harrison music video

We get it: the internet hates vertical videos. It’s not popular opinion, but I’ve argued more times than I’m willing to admit about how I believe there are some instances in which vertical videos can work. Don’t believe me? Check out this creative music video produced by DTO Films. Set to the music of Harrison’s How Can It Be (feat Maddee), the video is perfectly crafted to make the viewer feel they’re watching an awkward breakup as it’s happening, right there on their phone, in real time. The music is pretty sick too.

You’re definitely going to want to watch on your phone to get the full effect. Just click play on the video, open in full-screen mode, and zone out for a few minutes. We can’t promise you wont have any flashbacks of your early dating days, but hopefully you can get past the fact that the video makes your phone look like it’s running iOS. Also, Ted… Eff that guy.

As the world consumes more and more content on their smartphones (Google is watching their YouTube numbers skyrocket on mobile), video is no longer a widescreen, 16:9, 1-size fits all type of media. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine are changing the way people view and record videos on their smartphone, using an orientation that makes sense for the mobile user — not old fuddy-duddies on a desktop.

Despite the Android’s efforts to curb this habit (the stock Google Camera app used to warn you when recording vertically), eventually YouTube gave in, adding support for full-screen vertical videos on Android. The times, they are a changin’…


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