The OnePlus 2 officially goes on sale today


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While the OnePlus 2 saw a big soft launch in China, the device is now officially available in more regions around the world. The regions included in this initial launch include North America, Taiwan, EU, Hong Kong and India.

But as you know, buying one isn’t as easy as clicking this link and being whisked through checkout. You’ll need an invite (sign up for one here), which we don’t imagine have yet been sent to anyone other than those who bought one during the company’s charity-fueled eBay drive for them.

And even if you have an invite, the wait times vary greatly depending on which region you’re in:

  • North America & Taiwan: 10-15 business days
  • EU & Hong Kong: 3-5 business days
  • India: 5-7 business days

OnePlus was quick to note that the original delay they announced for the North America has been factored into that region’s figure, so nothing effectively changes. Those in the EU, Hong Kong and India don’t have it as bad, though, so if you’re in those regions then you’ll just have a mere week to wait.

What are your options to get one without an invite? Well, you could wait… or you could take these guys up on their offer. They’re dishing out OnePlus units in nearly every variation without the need to get an invite. There are just a few gotchas to be had:

  • These handsets are the same SKUs that went on sale in China, and as such their data bands are only fully compatible with that country’s and a sparse few EU countries’ carriers. You can still use it on an HSPA+ carrier if that’s all you care about, but no LTE.
  • These babies are heavily marked up. You’re paying upwards of $150 more than what you’d get it for from OnePlus, though that’s the cost of being able to grab one of these without having a proper spot in line.

Beyond that, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope you’re able to grab a free invite to buy one straight from OnePlus without an issue. The lucky few who already have one can get started right here.

[via OnePlus]

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