Samsung Galaxy S7 could use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820



Samsung is in the planning stages for their next flagship, which we imagine will be called the Samsung Galaxy S7 once it hits the market. It’s never too early, right? Anyway, the first bit of news about the 2016 flagship has arrived. The device’s codename, Jungfrau, has shown up in internal Android M testing documents.

Said documents reveal an interesting tidbit: Samsung is apparently considering using the Snapdragon 820 inside the thing. It’s Qualcomm’s latest chipset, and it’ll use a 14nm FinFet process for better heat, efficiency and power. It should provide a 35% boost in raw juice over the Snapdragon 810, a chipset which was only held back thanks to thermal issues.

Of course, testing the Snapdragon 820 inside the handset doesn’t necessarily lock Samsung into using it. We’re sure they’re still very early in the research and development stages of building the Galaxy S7, and anything can change between now and then. It’s also possible they are just using the Snapdragon 820 for prototyping while they cook up better Exynos-branded wares of their own.

Still, there’s a good chance the company will tap Qualcomm for the processing goods after skipping out this year. A previous rumor suggested Samsung would help manufacture Qualcomm’s latest chipset. That doesn’t exactly confirm anything — Samsung could just be accepting a contract for the sake of accepting a contract — but it’s reasonable to suggest the relationship makes the possibility more likely.

It’s still far too early to know much about Samsung’s plans, and to be honest we’re more concerned with what the company is getting ready to reveal in New York in a couple of days. Let’s take care of that, and then we can start scratching our chins as we wonder about what 2016 will have in store.

[via GforGames]

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