T-Mobile ‘UNcarrier’ plans are now live, start at $50 per month


T-Mobile has flipped the switch on their new line of UNcarrier Classic Plans, first revealed in a leak last week. The new value-focused options aim to take the headaches out of deciding which plan to purchase and start at $50. For the price, customers get unlimited talk and text plus 500MB of data per month. For $20 more data goes unlimited, or data can be added 2GB at a time for $10.

The plans come as part of a new strategy at T-Mobile that aims to shake up their subsidized smartphone business. The cost of a phone will now be broken down into monthly installments after an initial down payment. For the Nexus 4 this breaks down to $49.99 up front plus $9.50 per month for 24 months (on top of the cost of wireless service).

But this is all getting a bit ahead of ourselves. While new plans and pricing are already live, T-Mobile will be delving a bit deeper into their strategy at an event to take place this Tuesday.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. So i am wandering what is the real benefit of signing a contract with a valued plan to this new none contract valued plans? i signed a valued plan contract in November 2012 because you can get to purchase a phone with a down payment plan and now you can do that with out having a contract!! what is wrong with this picture? did i just get screwed or what?

    1. No you didn’t get screwed.

    2. Either way you still have a monthly payment for 24 months on a phone.

  2. Time to renegotiate since my contract now ends. just have to decide S4 or One.

  3. What is better?

      1. Straight talk does lots of shady things. I know from first hand experience. They begin to throttle you for almost anything, like watching a video, streaming music, streaming anything, tethering, downloading files, uploading files.

        I’m not exaggerating.

  4. These plans are not any better than their other plans. T-mobile is offering lower up-front costs to reel in new customers, but they’ll eventually still be charging just as much or more than their other plans. I think I’ll stick with my month by month $30 plan with unlimited data/text and 100 minutes. And although there’s no commitment as far as the plan itself. You’re still stuck with t-mobile as far as paying off the phone.

    1. where did you get that deal?

      1. It’s one of their prepaid plans.

    2. Compared to the other Carriers, these are good prices. Now compared to their older plans these aren’t that much of a difference unless you already have a phone. Also don’t forget that you get Tethering included in the new plans. If you get fully Unlimited and get a new phone then your monthly cost will be $80 to $90 per month for the whole time that you are paying for the phone. The other guys will charge you even more plus the fact that $20/month goes to paying for your phone but after your phone is paid off they continue to charge you the same price. I attached some screen shots of plans from other carriers where I added a new phone and tried to get as much talk, text and Data as possible to match T-mobile’s Unlimited Plan.

      So I added AT&T’s Unlimited Talk / Text and 5GB Data – $140/monthly
      Verizon’s Unlimited Talk / Text and 50GB Data – $415/monthly
      Sprint’s Unlimited (No Tethering) – $110/monthly
      T-mobile Unlimited with 500MB Tethering – $90

      Verizon’s Plan is super expensive but I didn’t see a unlimited plan option.

      1. Interesting, on the 2GB plan they don’t limit the tethering option. It make sense to limit the tethering on an unlimited plan but they limit it to 500MB.

    3. The main reason people go subsidized is to get family plan deals. This is why carriers are ALWAYS asking you to add a line. It gets annoying. I would do that $30 plan, but phones are expensive off contract. It’s easier for me to split $700 on a phone across the year than it is for me to just drop it at once.

  5. T-mobile has reduced the number of options from 8 down to 3.

  6. If that price is right, that puts the Nexus 4 at $278. Helluva price! Doubt it. Probably supposed to be $19.50.

    Just looked on tmobile.com and it’s $17 which makes it a whopping $458.

    1. 8GB Nexus 4 is $299 on Google Play, so it’s probably right. $21 discount from Tmobile. Of course, I don’t see the Nexus 4 on their site.

      1. Tmobile only sells the 16gb which would make it a $71 discount. Tmobile will never sell the nexus 4 cheaper than google. And as I stated above it’s $17 which I confirmed on tmobile.com.

    2. That’s a crazy price…I could only understand if someone was impatient and it was sold out at the play store. I was lucky enough to get mine at the end of November from the play store anyways.

  7. $60 for unlimited talk and text and 2.5GB of data is not bad at all.

  8. Just for the record, $50 is unlimited talk text AND web. Just throttled down to 3G after 500MB. (Throttle used to take you to 2.5G) Plans also include hotspot feature free, unless you have $20 unlimited data upgrade.

  9. The thing they don’t tell you is that lets just say you want to pay the phone off early so you can leave the carrier free and clear. You already payed full price for the phone and the whole purpose of contracts was because of subsidizing the hardware, right? Not in this case because you are still bound for service for the remainder of the phones payment cycle. I really do not see the benefit.

    I was told by a rep that the reason I would be still bound to contract is because of the great pricing T-Mobile offers on it’s plans. O.o

  10. nothings better than MetroPCS’ unlimited 4G for 55 a month.

    1. Yea, till you realize you have a crap phone on a crap network. But im sure its good for cheapos.

    2. Do say? MetroPCS barely has signal when you leave Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Mind you, that California has a lot of urban centres. Another problem is their technology, I have always hated CDMA phones because they are a closed system.

      How on earth can you compare MetroPCS to T-Mobile? Being the smallest of the four big carriers? T-Mobile has a wide coverage compared to the spotty coverage that MetroPCS offers. If you compare the mobile phone line up, I’d chose T-Mobile over MetroPCS, only because of the fact that MetroPCS gets second-rate phones with phones that can barely upgrade to the latest versions of Android. The minute I go into a T-Mobile store, I see a vibrant line up with serious phones. I can’t say the same with MetroPCS. Their line is by far the most ridiculous.

    3. MetroPCS is now owned by T-Mobile .

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