Samsung is prepping a huge 18.4-inch tablet, have they gone too far?



With smartphones progressively growing larger with each passing year, it only makes sense that tablets would soon follow suit. Spotted by Nowhereelse, it seems Samsung could be planning to launch a mega, huge 18.4-inch tablet, putting it in a category all its own. The largest tablet Samsung currently offers is the Galaxy Tab Pro S with a 12.2-inch display and a tablet with an insane 18.4-inch display would put it right up there with those beefy gaming laptops. In fact, you’d probably have a hard time fitting it inside most bags.

Samsung 18.4-inch tablet

The 18.4-inch Samsung tablets was discovered inside an import database for testing and evaluation purposes in India. The listing shows that the sample device is to be destroyed once testing has concluded, and values each unit at around $508. Right now there’s no telling if the 18-inch tablet will ever see the light of day, but Samsung is no stranger to throwing everything they have against the wall to see what sticks. Figuratively speaking, of course. While it’s entirely possible this isn’t even intended for consumers (think a kiosk of some sort), we still can’t help but wonder — could you see yourself buying an 18.4-inch tablet?

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