Watch out Kim K: Nicki Minaj and Jason Statham are the next celebs to star in their own mobile game


Nicki Minaj Jason Statham video game

After the surprise breakout hit that was Glu Mobile’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (it brought in around $74 million last year), the talent-less star proved that even the world’s worst celebs can rake in big bucks on mobile. Who knew she could be such a great role model for our kids?

Taking that idea and running with it, it seems female rapper Nicki Minaj will start in her own mobile game slated for sometime next summer. Glu has reportedly given Minaj full directorship over the game, but given Nicki’s rated R persona — NIcki’s “assets” can be found gracing the cover of countless magazines including her latest album cover — it’s unclear what age demographic they’ll be targeting.

Because boys need their kicks too, Jason Statham has also signed on with Glue for his own game dubbed Sniper X: Kill Confirmed, which is said to launch this fall. We’re guessing it will something similar to Glu’s current title Contract Killer: Sniper, which has a solid 4+ star rating on the Google Play Store. Seems star studded video games might be the start of a bigger trend in gaming, something that has us more willing than ever to give Noodlecake’s Shooting Stars a spin.

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