LG chimes in on Stagefright scare, says they too will release monthly security updates


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That big ‘ol Stagefright exploit is single-handedly the worse — and arguably the best — thing that could have ever happened to Android. Not that we don’t take Android security seriously. We always have. But it can now be credited in making not only Google take Android security more seriously, but manufacturers as well.

Yesterday both Google and Samsung promised to deliver monthly security updates to their handsets (Samsung wasn’t ready to comment on which of their devices would receive this treatment) and now LG is pledging to do the same. In an email to Wired, LG says:

“LG will be providing security updates on a monthly basis which carriers will then be able to make available to customers immediately. We believe these important steps will demonstrate to LG customers that security is our highest priority.”

This is fantastic news. Smartphone makers typically drag their feet about this sort of thing, lumping in security patches with their usual software updates which, anyone who’s been doing this Android thing long enough, knows doesn’t happen very often. This, in large part has not only to do with OEMs, but carriers who have to extensively test software updates before pushing them to devices on their network. LG says that carriers will be able to make these updates available to customers immediately, but it’s still very much in carrier’s hands to do so.

With Android biggest OEMs committing to monthly security updates, we’re sure the rest (Motorola, Sony, HTC) will eventually chime in as well.

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