Chromecast support comes to HBO NOW, Catch Phrase, Food Network and more


Chromecast Featured ready to cast

A new crop of apps for the Chromecast faithful are being served up today. Google has a variety of different apps and games receiving love today. HBO Now is the biggest, by far. It’s HBO’s cord-cutting $15 per month service that grants you access to all their content without a separate cable subscription.

We’re also going to be able to get a good look at some good eats on the big screen with the Food Network. Other video apps include the Travel Channel and Pokemon.

Pixlr comes along as a photo editing app for those who think doing it on smaller screens is too hipster-ish. There’s fun to be had, too, with three new games on tap:

  • FitFlap, by BreakFirst, uses the front-facing camera on the phone to capture players flapping their arms. The harder you flap, the higher pigs on the screen fly to collect coins while dodging obstacles.
  • Catch Phrase Blitz, the classic Hasbro guessing game, is now casting and is sure to bring excitement to your next party.
  • Tricky Titans by MediaMonks. These giant Titans are standing on top of villages and using large shovels to scoop up houses and throw them at each other.

Probably not as good as the sort of stuff you can play on a dedicated console, but good family fun nonetheless. Be sure to give them all a go on your Chromecast the next time you’re looking for something good to watch or fun to do.

[via Google]

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