Leak: TPU case gives us a general idea of the LG Nexus phone’s form factor, fingerprint scanner possible


lg nexus 2015 case 1

We have yet to get a real look at LG’s alleged upcoming Nexus phone, but bits and pieces are starting to drop. Steve Hemmerstoffer of @onleaks fame got his hands on pictures of a TPU case in the works. We first saw silhouetted shots of a similarly-configured backplate so it looks like this design is the real deal.

The case alone doesn’t give us much of a clue as to what the LG Nexus phone will feature, but prominent holes on the back hint toward the inclusion of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. It’s also possible this is where a rear-mounted speaker would go as there doesn’t seem to be much room for that at the bottom where the USB port will be placed.

lg nexus 2015 case 2

That, or we’re getting front-facing speakers, which would be absolutely awesome. Or it could be a dual camera, which would be interesting to see on a Nexus handset. We know for sure it won’t be rear-mounted volume and power buttons, though, because rubber tabs for those rest on the side of the device.

The hole directly above that should house a camera sensor, while the squarish hole to its left will likely give us room for camera flash.

lg nexus 2015 case 3

One last thing to point out is that the case looks rather deep, so we’re hoping a thick phone would translate to a thick battery. Whether that ends up being the case remains to be seen, but we’re not expecting the device to launch until late October at the very earliest, so there’s some time yet for this picture to be fully painted.

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