Pebble Time Steel ship date slips to next week, metal bands likely wont be ready in time


Pebble Time Steel colors

A few weeks ago, Pebble updated Time Steel early adopters on when they expected to begin shipping. According to Pebble, the original plan was to begin shipping out Time Steels to backers by the end of this month and although that date has slipped, it’s not by much.

Pebble was back again today with another update and as these things so often go, it seems Pebble Time Steel shipments have been pushed back until next month. That’s really not as bad as it sounds since it’s the middle of next week. See? Now the “bad” news…

Issues with the Pebble Time Steels metal bands mean that they likely wont be ready in time to ship out to Steel backers. They will arrive later, but this means that backers will be forced to use leather bands for an indefinite amount of time until the metal bands arrive. Like animals. It’s possible that some metal bands will arrive with Steels, but Pebble isn’t making any promises.

The Pebble Time Steel is the more expensive, premium version of the Pebble Time smartwatch. Both the regular Pebble Time and the Time Steel recently saw a software update to version 3.2 which brought the ability to tweak backlight duration, font sizes, vibration intensity, notifications, and more. That update will eventually go out to first gen Pebbles, but the company wouldn’t commit to a specific date or timing.


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