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masque simplicity

Android Wear users looking for a simplistic new watch face should take notice of the one that’s just entered Google Play. It’s Masque Simplicity, and it’s made by Alex Pasquarella, the man responsible for some of the beautiful wallpapers we’ve featured in the past.

masque 4

The main draw of this watch face aside from its sheer beauty is the glut of options you get for customization. You start off with 12 watch faces, 4 hand styles and 5 tick mark styles for free, and a small in-app purchase will get you another 4 hand and tick mark styles. Premium also allows you to fine tune the colors of these elements to get the exact look you want.

masque 1

Perhaps most cool about this watch face are the Info Circles. You gt four customizable slots to show you various relevant information, such as weather, battery life on your phone or watch, the date or what time you have your alarm set for. You can expect more to be added over time, to boot.

masque 3

Masque Simplicity works on all Android Wear smart watches released to date, so be sure to give it a try over at Google Play and see how you like it.

masque 2

Oh, and if you’re wanting to spring for premium you should stop right there and try your hand at our giveaway first. We have 10 premium codes to give away, and one of them can be yours by simply jumping into the Rafflecopter straight ahead. Good luck!

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