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Things are ramping up over at IDEAAA’s planning department for the Big Android BBQ, and their next phase includes finding some capable speakers to head up the various panels they’ll be holding. You can now sign up to be a speaker at the big event, where even some Googlers will be recognized as official sponsors and will be holding talks of their own.

They’re looking for anyone with a passion for mobile development and the future of mobile tech, though passion alone isn’t enough to catch their eye. You’ll want to have previous articles, research papers or other documented knowledge on Android development and performance, and it’s probably a good idea to go into it with an idea of what, exactly, you want to speak on.

If chosen, you’ll be hooked up with a free workshop that’ll help train you to speak in front of large crowds of folks if you need it (and believe us, the crowds will be big). To get started simply head to this form and fill out all the details they ask for, and keep your fingers crossed that you’re selected if you have something you really want to share. The BBQ happens October 22-23rd in Hurst, Texas so don’t delay!

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