Big Android BBQ 2015 is happening October 23rd, and it’s sponsored by Google Developers


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It’s back, folks. Ideaa — the same folks who brought you the awesome Big Android Meat and Greet in Washington DC earlier this year — today announced that the Big Android BBQ’s dates are set. It’s all going down in Hurst, TX and will take place October 22nd through October 23rd.

The BBQ has grown to be a rich platform for developers and enthusiasts to come together for a good time, learn about Android development, and — well — eat. It’ll feature panels hosted by developers from all over the place, including Google’s very own crop of engineers in Mountain View (in fact, this year’s BBQ is “delivered” by them). You’ll also have workshops, parties, and the grandaddy banner event: some delicious Texas-style barbecue.

Early bird tickets are currently going for $55, and this will come with a nice “gift” that’s yet to be detailed. Early bird pricing ends May 22nd so you’ll want to get your order in as soon as you can.

You should also note that the early bird ticket will only entitle you to all the standard ticket features (which typically includes access to all panels, Code Kitchens and the BBQ itself). Upgraded tickets — which have yet to be detailed, but typically include perks such as private dinners and cool transportation — will be available at some point soon, and you will be able to upgrade your ticket if you so desire when that time comes.

Other details — such as travel discount packages — have yet to be revealed, though we’re sure Ideaa will be releasing that information in due time. If you’re absolutely sure you can make it to Texas for the shindig later this year you can head to the BBQ’s EventBrite page right here to place your order.

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