Google+ Photos will shut down on August 1st, only Google Photos will remain



In what is probably a surprise to no one, the Google+ team announced today on — where else — but their Google+ page that they’ll officially be shutting down Google+ Photos on Saturday, August 1st. Google says that this will first take place on Android (yay, 1st for once), followed by the web and iOS shortly after. Google has already been nudging users to download the Google Photos app on Android, providing a link to download whenever someone opens up Google+ Photos.

Google Photos Android app

For anyone worried about making the “switch,” all of your old photos and videos backed up to Google+ will be fully accessible in the new Google Photos app or on the web at Also, using the new app, you’ll be able to backup an unlimited amount of photos in Google’s “high quality” mode, as well as gain access to new tools like their (mostly) useful new search.

If you’re the stubborn type, just keep in mind that Google+ Photos on Android will soon stop working and if that’s where your journey should lead you, you can always download/export all your photos and videos using Google Takeout.

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