Your Google Photos library could soon look less of a hot mess


Most photo libraries have a problem in which it displays every single image you’ve ever taken or stored. We say this is a problem because sometimes you might take multiple shots of a scene, maybe in burst mode or you’re trying to capture a group photo and want to make sure no one’s eyes are closed.

This can result in your library looking a little cluttered because you have multiple images that look the same. Luckily for Google Photos users, that could change. A report from @AssembleDebug has revealed that Google could be working on a new feature for Google Photos called Photo Stack.

As the name suggests, this will “stack” photos on top of each other, or to be more specific, it will stack images that Google Photos thinks are similar. So for example, photos taken using your camera’s burst mode will be considered “similar” and will be stacked. This will make it so when you go through your library, you won’t have to scroll past rows and rows of similar-looking images.

There is no mention of when this feature is expected to be rolled out, but if you’re looking for a way to clean up your Google Photos library, this could be a feature to look out for when it is eventually released to the public.

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