Inbox by Gmail’s snooze feature gets much smarter in latest update


inbox by gmail

The latest update to Google’s Inbox by Gmail might not bring a huge change, but it certainly is a very important (and cool) one. The app will now be able to figure out the most appropriate time and date for snoozing an email.

It’ll do so by analyzing the contents of an email and determining when that email might be most important for you. For instance, if you buy movie tickets and you decide to snooze the confirmation email, the snooze will be automatically set to occur the morning that you’re going to see the movie. You can customize it just as you’ve always been able to, of course, but we’re always fans of features which do the heavy lifting for us.

snooze update inbox by gmail

Here’s a full list of the types of emails you’re likely to see the new snooze option on:

  • Package tracking updates
  • Restaurant and event reservations
  • Calendar invites
  • Flight confirmations
  • Hotel reservations
  • Rental car reservations

Sounds good to us. The feature should already be live in both web and mobile app versions of Inbox, so give it a go the next time the need arises!

[via Google]

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