Phan Favs: 5 Best Android Apps for Photography [RESULTS]


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Phan Favs is a recurring feature that turns the tables and asks you, the readers, about the best apps and games. It’s your turn to drop some knowledge on us! Read more.

For most people, the smartphone has become the only device they need for taking photos. This is in large part due to the convenience of carrying just one device, but it’s also because of the awesome software. On a smartphone you can snap a pic, crop it, slap on a filter, and share it to Twitter all in the same interface. Sharing pics of your dinner has never been easier.

Last week we asked you to vote for your favorite photography apps. We’ve tallied the votes, and now we have your Top 5 Photography Apps for Android.

1. Snapseed


By a commanding margin, Snapseed takes home the top spot. Snapseed started life as a mega-popular paid app for iOS. Eventually, it made its way to Android, where Google bought the app and made it free for everyone. That’s what really makes Snapseed so exceptional. It has powerful editing tools that are easy to use, but you would expect to cost a pretty penny. Good pick.

2. VSCO Cam


In second place is one of the few apps that can match Snapseed in being free and full of powerful editing tools. VSCO Cam also started as a very popular iOS app, but now it’s kicking butt on Android. It has advanced preset filters and tools that make it easy to get the desired effect. The UI can be a little tricky to navigate, but once you figure it out you can get some awesome photos.

3. Camera ZOOM FX


Camera ZOOM FX not only has a full editing studio, but it also boasts the “fastest camera on Android.” We’re not sure if that is true, but it was enough to take the third place spot on your list. This app has a ton of features, including one-tap filters, vignettes, tilt-shift, bokeh, props, collages, add-ons, and much more. It’s $2.99 to get everything, but there is also a free version.

4. Instagram


It’s no surprise that Instagram made this list. Instagram was one of the original photography apps, and it started a tidal wave of “photo filter” clones. Instagram has become more than just a few hipster filters. You can now do some pretty powerful photo editing, and even add filters to videos. Plus, they recently increased photo resolution and fixed uploading for Android.

5. Pixlr


Last, but not least, is Pixlr. This fun and powerful photo editor lets you quickly crop, rotate, and fine-tune any picture. You can choose from over 2 million combinations of effects, overlays, and borders to further personalize your photo. The interface is simple to use, which allows anyone to create some stunning results.

Honorable Mention

image (2)

This was one of the more top-heavy Phan Favs we’ve had. Snapseed was well above the rest of the crowd, but then there was another big drop-off after the top 7 apps. It just goes to show how many great photography apps are available. Where did your favorite app end up on the list? Do you agree with your fellow readers?

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