Motorola’s 2015 device lineup poses for family photo [LEAK]


Motorola device lineup 2015 leak

Yesterday, we got a fairly good look at a purported upcoming DROID device from Motorola. The leak didn’t reveal many details, only a black back cover along with a strange pattern and camera housing strip. Today, that same device is appearing again, only this time it’s bringing a few family members along for the ride.

The good folks at HelloMotoHK posted the above family photo you see above, highlighting Motorola’s device lineup for 2015. According to them, we’re looking at a DROID Mini 2015, Motorola Moto G 2015 (3rd Gen), a miscellaneous DROID, and a Motorola Moto X 2015 (3rd Gen). Suddenly, this explains all those Motorola handsets — sporting largely similar specs — that we’ve seen popping up in benchmarks the past few weeks.

We adjusted the contrast a bit to give you a better look and you’ll notice varying designs and patterns on the back of each despite being all black in color. The Moto G seems to lineup with previous leaks (it’s got a diagonal line pattern) where as the new Moto X seems to have some sort of denim cloth like texture to it. Again, it’s a bit tough to make out but overall we like the new designs with the Moto’s sharing the familiar dip towards the top, while the DROIDs nearly identical in size (we’re guessing the “Mini” is referencing hardware specs and not size).

If this leak is all there is to the story, it seems Motorola could be planning DROID variants for each of the new Moto devices when they launch on Verizon. Something tells us last year’s Moto X didn’t perform so well, so Verizon could be looking to help boost sales using their familiar DROID branding. No word on when we can expect these devices to launch, but we’re guessing we’re only a few short weeks away from some/all of these devices being made official. Last year’s Moto event kicked off on September 5th, which is little over a month away.

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