Nintendo could ship 20 million Android-fueled gaming consoles next year


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Anyone with an interest in gaming knows the Nintendo Wii U isn’t doing so hot, so Nintendo is looking to make the console gamers deserved to get. It’s codenamed Nintendo NX, and recent rumors suggest there’ll be some form of Android support once it arrives (though we’re to understand that “support” will be limited to a mere Android runtime, ala Blackberry).

Today, we get an idea of just how big Nintendo expects this console to be. The company is rumored to be prepping 20 million units for shipment starting next year. The console is currently scheduled to begin mass production next June, with initial shipments being ready to go a mere month later.

To put that into perspective, Nintendo has only been able to sell 2 million Wii U units. We’re not sure what sort of number crunching they’ve been doing to determine that they can sell 10 times as much this second time around, bu they better not put in too many hard orders for components before seeing how the rest of this console generation will shape up. In any case, the Nintendo NX will be a console to keep an eye on and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest.

[via Wii U Daily]

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