The Nintendo NX could emulate Android games [RUMOR]


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Dreams of a Nintendo gaming console running Android may be dashed for the moment, but new rumors suggest the company will look to use Android in some way. According to a translated report from a Spanish gaming outlet, Amazon and Nintendo have been in talks about mobile goods ever since Nintendo revealed they’d be bringing a number of games to the smartphone scene.

Amazon supposedly rushed to contact Nintendo and set up a deal with Nintendo to ensure their games would launch on the Amazon Appstore the same day they go up on Google Play and the Apple App Store. That’s a given, of course, as Amazon would be quite ill to not have one of the best game makers of all times have any wares in their store on day one.

The more interesting part of this rumor is that Amazon apparently learned that Nintendo was working on an Android emulator for the Nintendo NX for purposes of playing those games on the company’s new console. The emulator would likely be akin to the Android runtime found on Blackberry’s devices.

If true, this could help Nintendo tackle two issues with one stone:

  • It makes it easy for the mobile games they’re working on to be playable on the Nintendo NX, as they should.
  • It makes it easy for developers to port their games to the Nintendo NX.

These are the same issues that an Android-based NX would have tackled, but you can merely consider it two different means to one common goal. One way or another, the Nintendo NX’s chances of supporting Android games in some way, shape or form aren’t as low as we thought. Let’s hope the rumor pans out.

[via Wii U Daily]

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  1. OMG

    Super mario all stars… #nostalgia
    Think that was the first videogame I ever played on my SNES.

    1. Killer Instinct for me.

  2. Could it emulate an android platform to run apps that emulate other Nintendo consoles?

    1. emuception 0.o

      1. Not just yet, good sir. Inception happens on the third level. Improvius, while powerful with the mind, has not reached the third level yet.

        We must await.

        1. run lameboy through drastic and you’re there.

          1. =.O

  3. If you someone who buys console or PC games, why would you even waste your time with mobile/tablet games ? They pale in comparison.

    1. So that you’re not confined to being on your PC to play the games. I mean unless you want to stick to PC games exclusively but be portable then you can also use game streaming services like from Nvidia (Nvidia GRID).

      Either that or you don’t want to limit yourself to PC only. Not all PC gamers only ever enjoy games on PC only

      1. what are you ranting about? I said “console” OR “PC”. the nintendo nx is a console. Either way, most mobile games are touch oriented, in which case you’re better off playing on a phone/tablet. The existing nintendo, gameboy, ds, etc lineup are much better (quality) for playing with a D-pad or joystick. The wii-mote motion features will obviously help with none of it.

        1. Calm down man, just missed the word console when I wrote that.

          1. Sorry, there are alot of trolls here. Can’t cut them any slack :)

            I haven’t tried nvidia grid, or home streaming to your shield. The few people I know that want to play their pc games on a big tv simply connect it with an hdmi cable. not very hard or expensive :)

          2. Yeah I do the same when I’m home (HDMI from my PC to TV). The thing I like is if I’m out with my SHIELD Tablet on the go (if WiFi is good enough where I am) I can GRID or Gamestream on the Tablet or any TV if I have the HDMI converter (regular to mini) on me

    2. The apps I’ve noticed that I buy would be consider time-wasters. Games like:
      Geometry Dash
      Tap Titans
      Super Hexagon

      I can open them up quickly, play them very briefly and still make progress and leave. I haven’t played any heavier games like Batman or whatever in a while now. I mean, I have a 3DS for games like that.

  4. This is a rumor that wont pan out.
    The fact is nintendo still makes most of its profits from two sources. Hardware margins and games sales.
    That is why they will never have a full on high end, match the others in hardware console. They use ‘last gen’ stuff that is cheap to make and then raise the price to a hefty margin. They have NEVER sold hardware at a loss to make it up later like the other guys.
    And they make and publish their own games. Despite the fun factor they always chime in with, they are a profit driven machine. They wont do a thing that wont make them money.
    So if they do come up with an android emulator…it wont be like all of a sudden they will have the Play store available. It will be a closed environment, the apps will be on their digital store (the emulator built in the OS and runs the game automatically if its android made), and they will get a cut for each sale like Apple does.

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