Juice up your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the ZeroLemon 3500mAh battery case


Galaxy S6 ZeroLemon

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has notoriously bad battery life. To make things worse, Samsung opted to go with a non-removable battery. One thing you can do to solve this problem (besides clinging to power outlets) is to use a battery case. The ZeroLemon 3500mAh battery case for the Galaxy S6 is on sale right now from Android Area for just $28.99.

The ZeroLemon battery case usually goes for around $40-60. The 3500mAh adds an additional 125% of battery life to your Galaxy S6. It also allows you to remove the battery and replace it, which can extend the battery life even more. The case does add extra bulk, but all things considered it’s pretty slim. The case also includes 4 LED lights to show the charge level. Head on over to to snag the deal right now.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. or on amazon for 29.99 with prime shipping =]

  2. That outrageous marketing speak….

  3. I swear by Zerolemon products and I’m thrilled to see they are still making battery cases for sealed battery phones, including the ability to replace the case battery. Granted its not as great as the 3X battery cases they make for phones with replaceable batteries (the biggest reason I love such phones) and given my love of Nexus phones (you’ll have to pry my Nexus 6 from my cold dead hands;) its not much help to me, but given the fact that you need to put a case on a smartphone anyway (unless you enjoy living dangerously and ensuring that your screen will eventually be shattered) these kinds of cases are unbeatable bang for your buck.

    That’s especially true given that solid state Lithium ion batteries are coming within 3 years that promise 150% larger energy density. In a perfect world that would mean 150% bigger batteries but we all know that phone makers will just use this new tech as an excuse to keep making slimmer phones and keeping the battery capacity the same (damn you Apple!;)

    Perhaps Samsung will learn from the horrible mistake its about to make on the Note 5 (no replaceable battery) and the Note 6 will have a replaceable battery allowing ZeroLemon to offer a 12,300 mAh battery case that can finally give power users some decent battery life (don’t forget that Battery Guru app from Qualcomm boosts battery life by 25%-50%).

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