Jun 29th, 2015

Pokemon Shuffle

While we’re waiting for Nintendo to bring some of their iconic franchises to Android, The Pokemon Company has been testing the waters with mobile titles of their own. Back in February the company launched a theme-ing app called Pokemon Style for Japan, followed by Pokemon Jukebox only last week.

Today, The Pokemon Company uploaded a new trailer for Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, coming soon to both Android and iOS later this year. Pokemon Shuffle is a free-to-play title that initially launched for the 3DS back in February and has since garnered more than 4.5 million downloads. It’s match-3 gameplay seemed like the perfect fit for mobile so really, it doesn’t surprise us that it’s finally coming to Android and iOS. We expected as much.

Players choose a lineup of Pokemon to fight others, matching 3+ heads to attack wild Pokemon they face in their journey. Once enough damage has been dealt and the opposing Pokemon has fallen, players can make an attempt at catching it with a Pokeball (your odds increase with the amount of moves you have left over).

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Like Candy Crush or other free-to-play games, players looking to keep the game free will have to wait for their hearts to refresh in order to keep playing. Pokemon Shuffle does give players the option of purchasing jewels with real world money (of course they do), which can be exchanged for coins and hearts. Prices range from 99 cents all the way up to $48 for 75, so depending on your addiction, things can get rather expensive.

Still, we’re sure many of you will have no problem taking daily breaks in order to keep things free. Some might even take it as a challenge. No exact date on when we can expect Pokemon Shuffle to hit our mobile devices, but we’ll keep you updated.


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