Official ‘Pokemon Style’ home screen replacement arrives on Android, Japan-only for now


Pokemon Style for Android

Typically, Phandroid doesn’t feature apps or games from non-English speaking countries, but this one was just too good to pass up. Hitting the Japanese Google Play Store this weekend is the official Pokemon Style app.

Released by the folks at The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Style is a free-to-download home screen (launcher) replacement and is probably the closest thing you’ll get to having officially endorsed Pokemon running amok on your phone or tablet. Well, not since Google gave us the opportunity to catch ’em all on Google Maps awhile back.

Pokemon Style for Android 1

The app is free to download and it appears all 6 generations are featured in a variety of free and paid “themes” (home/lock screen wallpapers + icons) to tailor your home screen around to your favorite pocket monster. Paid themes are half-off until February 25th and run about $1.69 and feature everything from Eevee Mansion to various Japanese Pokemon Centers.

Pokemon Style is also making its way to iOS, but because of the limited flexibility of the OS, wont feature any of the actual icon theming you get in the Android version. We don’t imagine The Pokemon Company will localize this for a western audience anytime soon, so for now we’ll just have to sit and gawk.

Download on Google Play: Pokemon Style

[via DroidGamers]


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  1. Hope this hits the US soon

    1. Wouldn’t count on it. I can wish though.

    1. No.

      1. Yes! This made me laugh.

  2. Link to apk?

  3. Apk please?

  4. Can you say tacky ?

    1. Shut up. I grabbed it anyway and because of your snide comment you can find it yourself

      1. By the reply I can tell the average age of such a user is 7. It be cold day in hell when I load such garbage on my phone…… but do not let me stop you from showing it to your friends?? (You have friends?) at school.

        1. Hear that?……. It’s the sound of no one caring (:

      2. Calm down. It’s just an opinion. Though I find it hilarious that you’re telling them to find it on their own to spite them. LoL!!

  5. Grabbed it. Nothing to write home about. For now Only one pikachu theme is free. The others are premium

    1. Also there is no way to have a separate lock screen theme and home screen. But you can do both. I take it that, that will be added with a future update. Also, pokemon style (mainly in the paid side) has icon themes too and the free theme pack offers a couple

      1. Can you pull the apk?

        1. Yep.

  6. I’m sure there are a lot of free themes in any good launcher store, like buzz launcher have.

    1. Nope. Just the pikachu pack. It comes with 2 wallpapers and several icons

  7. Alright I have the APK, if anyone REALLY wants it, upvote here or comment and i’ll upload it to a cloud hosting site for everyone to enjoy. Who knows…maybe the “scene” can do stuff with it.

  8. Proof of App in Use.

  9. Alright I have the APK, if anyone REALLY wants it, upvote here or comment and i’ll upload it to a cloud hosting site for everyone to enjoy. Who knows once it’s released,…maybe the “scene” can do stuff with it. I highly doubt it due to mostly server sided framework

    PS: Why the hell do “deleted” comments resurface as an undeletable “guest” comment…?

    Below is Proof of usage:

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