Feb 16th, 2015

Pokemon Style for Android

Typically, Phandroid doesn’t feature apps or games from non-English speaking countries, but this one was just too good to pass up. Hitting the Japanese Google Play Store this weekend is the official Pokemon Style app.

Released by the folks at The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Style is a free-to-download home screen (launcher) replacement and is probably the closest thing you’ll get to having officially endorsed Pokemon running amok on your phone or tablet. Well, not since Google gave us the opportunity to catch ’em all on Google Maps awhile back.

Pokemon Style for Android 1

The app is free to download and it appears all 6 generations are featured in a variety of free and paid “themes” (home/lock screen wallpapers + icons) to tailor your home screen around to your favorite pocket monster. Paid themes are half-off until February 25th and run about $1.69 and feature everything from Eevee Mansion to various Japanese Pokemon Centers.

Pokemon Style is also making its way to iOS, but because of the limited flexibility of the OS, wont feature any of the actual icon theming you get in the Android version. We don’t imagine The Pokemon Company will localize this for a western audience anytime soon, so for now we’ll just have to sit and gawk.

Download on Google Play: Pokemon Style

[via DroidGamers]


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