T-Mobile’s 10th Un-Carrier announcement is called AMPED, and it’s coming June 25th [VIDEO]


un-carrier amped

T-Mobile is just about ready to unveil their 10th Un-Carrier move. Such a neat number and milestone deserves a slobberknocker of an announcement, and we have feeling they aren’t looking to disappoint. They’ve gone as far as creating a trailer not unlike the one you’ll see for a blockbuster summer film, and the name they’ve coined for it — AMPED — certainly gets our blood pumping.

It’s become increasingly difficult to guess what direction T-Mobile would go next with Un-Carrier as they have seemingly eliminated most consumers’ pain points in previous moves. Even the businesses got some love the last time around.

It all goes down in a mere 2 days — June 25th — so circle back to see what Magenta has in store. In the meantime, let us know if there’s anything cool you’d love to see the carrier do with a comment below.

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  1. John Legere is amazing! Dude got skillz

    1. For no additional cost. Or just a lower cost. I pay a good amount for 3 gigs and I always run out

  2. uncap data limits

    1. This exists already on Tmo. Do people honestly not know this? (Serious question) And I mean unlimited data, no throttling. It’s their most expensive data package.

  3. Get coverage to Omaha, NE so I can leave sprint

    1. I was driving through there the other week and was surprised at how spotty the coverage is. I finally understand what people mean when they complain about that since I guess I just take the signal in the NYC/Philly metro area for granted.

      1. Yes people that say they have good coverage must stay in cities is the only thing I can figure. You’re like to make a phone call where I live

        1. Lucky not like. Service people that come here have to borrow my phone.

  4. Amped? Something to do with music?

    1. They already uncoupled music from their data plans so what else is there to do with it?

      1. Their own service?

  5. Free bluetooth speakers with all new phone purchases? Not sure what amped could be.

    1. Free wireless chargers?

    2. They kinda are/have already doing/done that. (Don’t know if it’s still happening)

      So Tmo lowered their rate plans and for old users to take advantage, you would need to get an accessory (smart watches, bluetooth speakers, headsets, etc) added to your bill. What would happen is the newer rate plan would take over and the accessory would add a few bucks (dependent on what you chose of course) to your bill.

      In my case, I got the Moto 360. It added $10 to my bill, but with the new rate plans, my bill was like $4 cheaper.

      Would you say I got the watch for free? =.3

  6. No throttling on unlimited data after any certain point?

    1. They never did (on unlimited), until about 5-6 weeks ago. With the FCC’s net neutrality rules and fining AT&T $100 million for just this, and Sprint ending it’s throttling, T-Mobile doing it is unlikely to last. Best guess is, they’ll silently stop it just like they silently started it … would be incredibly lame and deceptive if they called that an Uncarrier announcement. Like raising price on an item one week so you can say it’s on sale the next.

      1. That’s what I was wondering. How long their un-throttled unlimited data will last. But at least there’s no contract ETF to worry about if you decide to ditch them for Sprint’s unlimited data.

        My contract ends this year and I might jump over to TMO on the Note 5 when the time arrives. Let’s see how things look by then.

        1. LoL!! Ditch them for Sprint. I needed that laugh.

          1. Hehe, hey don’t knock em if you’ve got great coverage. I do here but I’d consider switching to get off contract cycles and if they got great deals when I’m done with mine.

          2. I used Sprint before. I had coverage. Their 3G was unacceptable and at the time I was on WiMax. Has it gotten better? I’m reluctant to go find out.

            HTC’s used to be notorious for being bad and they made a turn-around. Sprint *could* have done the same, but the damage has been dealt. I haven’t been disappointed by Tmo. And since it’s a GSM network that opens up my possibilities for even more phones.

            I’m sorry, but Sprint just loses out to badly, in my opinion of course.

          3. You know that GSM aspect of being on TMO is actually one of the draws that may make me move over to them when I’m done here with Sprint. Swapping SIMs is a rather nice option.

            Here in San Antonio it’s up and down but the area where I live I’m getting great LTE speeds. Enough to keep in business whilst I’m away from home WiFi anyway. If TMO doesn’t throttle their unlimited 4G I’ll definitely consider them.

          4. I’ve been using Sprint or a MVNO for years now. True they used be slow. But they’ve been upgrading and licensing extra bandwidth from competitors too. In my area they are now the fastest with the best coverage, even over Verizon themselves. I recently got on FreedomPop Unlimited Everything for $19.99 a month. They throttle back speeds (supposedly after 1GB data), but I haven’t seen a real slow down at all. I’m using 1000 minutes around 2.5GB of data near the normal limit of texting without issues, with them using Sprint Towers with two new LTE towers in last year!

      2. They still don’t throttle. There’s a pretty significant technical difference between using prioritization (what they are doing) and throttling (what they do on the limited plans after you exceed your cap).

        Notably that prioritization fluctuates with the load.

    2. Tmo has a plan that specifically states you’ll be slowed after using so much data.

      They also have a plan that allows for unlimited data, no throttling. They already have what you’re talking about. I’m a bit confused at what you’re asking. Do you mean not at all? Hmm…

      Did you know ISP’s have a cap on their internet? I’d like that gone.

      1. Unlimited is “limited” to smartphone only. You can use up to a certain amt on a hotspot, but that’s not unlimited, nor is the data on mobile data plans only. Those have a set amount to them. I don’t see a “mobile data” or “hotspot” that is unlimited 4g anywhere in their plans.

        1. I’ve seen your other message about the cap. There data plans allows constant streaming at certain rates and it’s specified. They have a data plan that offers no-throttling. Now, with your other comment the question comes, what is considered throttling? Slower speeds or speeds so slow it becomes unusable?

          You know what? If our other comment is really true (haven’t clicked the link yet), it could explain why Tmo was so adamant about getting me on their new (a few months back) rate plan. I got a smartwatch added to my bill and I’m still paying lower than my old rate plan. I could have ignorantly agreed to being throttled. LoL!! Smh.

          For your reference to hotspot, data sharing was not considered to be unlimited. Would you say you can use your data how you want? if that’s the case, why is no one arguing that you can’t use P2P (think torrenting a file [which is a file transfer process for those that think it’s an illegal action]) any more on their network?

      2. Also…they’ve quietly added the following to their fine print:

        *Unlimited 4G LTE customers who use more than 21 GB of data in a bill cycle will have their data usage de-prioritized compared to other customers for that bill cycle at locations and times when competing network demands occur, resulting in relatively slower speeds. See for details.

        1. Ooo!! They shole did quietly add that. LoL!!

          1. Yeah, I mean it’s a much higher minimum than the usual throttle, so that’s good, but it reminds us that they’re still a corporation and obviously with that high of a minimum it’s aimed at the power users/abusers that would likely impact far more people to a great extent. Even so, the secret squirrel quietly thing is interesting to say the least! :)

          2. Secret Squirrel? Don’t think I didn’t catch that. =.3
            That was my show.

  7. Sounds like a cell coverage thing. Maybe they’ll double down on their branded Asus WiFi calling wireless AC routers and upgrade them to serve as mini-towers for people in range. Something like that. Would be hard to put in practice due to privacy concerns but the tech is already there

    1. Not well versed with telecommunication tech. How would this “WiFi TMO Tower” work? I don’t like to use public WiFi for security reasons so would this work for normal data access?

  8. T-Mob 5G?

  9. How about let’s work on coverage in rural areas. I have to use tmo for work and I never have coverage in the remote places I’m in. My personal line is sprint, and while slow at least it works.

    1. But that’s a given. Everyone is working on their flaws. Even Tmo. At work, I can use my data now. Before I had a very weak signal, or it’ll drop to 2G (Edge). So…? They’re doing something. Slowly, but surely my friend.

    2. Sure, when you wake up tomorrow the world will be perfect…

    3. They’re working on it, but you can also report your area for low/no coverage and sometimes they target that area faster. Can’t hurt.

    4. I watch john legere on periscope and he always tells people with your concerns to email him your info so they can work on it.

      1. Been hearing promises from T-Mobile going to expand their coverage forever and they haven’t delivered anything years later. Even in areas they are supposed to be strong in….. have limited very inconsistent coverage. Prices are great and even the people working for them here, but it’s there complete lack of spending more bucks on expansion that makes people mad at them most!!! ………and with Dish and Comcast trying to buy them, how’s that going to ever get any better?

  10. My heart cannot take this amount of power. Tmo needs to calm down. Like literally right after the merger failed they just came out of no where with these crazy changes. I swear, it almost feels like they knew the merger would fail…

    I’m getting so tired of this. Like they keep changing the game up!! >.>

    P.S. I’m not actually upset or tired.

  11. Magenta have created competition that favors all mobile phone customers. AT&T. Verizon and Sprint customers happy with their big bang, low buck offerings, should thank TMobile.

  12. Slobberknocker???

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