Watch: Sony Xperia Z3+ camera app crashes in a few seconds due to overheating [VIDEO]


Sony Xperia Z3 Plus camera app crash overheating

Although available in some parts of the world, we’re still waiting for the Sony Xperia Z3+/Z4 to make its way to the states, where it will soon arrive on Verizon as the Xperia Z4v. So what can Verizon owners expect when it launches this summer? Hopefully, not the same problems the overseas variant is experiencing where the phone reportedly gets so warm, the camera app can’t run for more than a few seconds before it crashes due to the rising temperatures.

It’s actually a pretty common issue, one that’s affected Xperias in the past and not just the Xperia Z3+ which is powered by the Snapdragon 810 processor. After hearing reports of this latest “bug,” the folks at AndroidPit decided to put their Xperia Z3+ unit to the test. Sure enough, they were only able to operate the camera app for a little over 30 seconds before receiving a notification that the “camera will now turn off temporarily to cool down.” Video proof can be found below.

The good news is that Sony Mobile has apparently confirmed the bug and says that a fix is on the way. So there’s a good chance that when the Sony Xperia Z4v launches here in the states in a few weeks, this issue will be resolved. Of course, as we mentioned before, this issue has plagued Xperia devices in the past and with Qualcomm’s infamous Snapdragon 810 at the helm, we imagine Sony has their work cut out for them.

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  1. Gotta love the SD801 rev 2.1
    Fixes all the problems.

    1. And what fixes the problem here? They cannot change the chip or the camera hardware so… hello throttling when camera in use – it is the only possible fix.

      1. crap forgot to use, *sarcasm*
        Yeah the throttling is the only fix.

      2. Throttling?

        How many cores have to run at what speed to take a picture?

    2. I know right. Happy they fixed the problems by force closing the apps. :)

  2. Ahh yes.. the Verizon + Sony phone nonsense.

    Sony makes killer Z3 and Verizon gets highly water down version in a different body and calls it the Z3v. It fails to sell well.

    Sony makes the Z4 and Verizon gets an as yet to be seen version, but already calls it the Z4v. If it is anything like the Z3v shenanigans… fail twice in a row.

    1. I am switching from Samsung to Sony to buy the Z4V, I can’t wait.

  3. Sony should just stop trying

  4. Whoa! We want to continue with this relationship Phandroid! Is there something wrong with your current phone? What is the make/model of your device?
    – Verizon

  5. Now that’s one thing I haven’t experienced yet. Lumia 640

  6. Well that’s worse than the Samsung ‘can’t open camera due to battery being too low’ shenanigan.

    1. Man i hate that! If i want to take a chance on my phone dieing while using the camera, then i should be able to do that. .

  7. i’m predicting that next year is going to be a BIG year for nvidia and a BREAKOUT year for Intel…Qualcomm….good luck….

  8. Nothing new, the Z2 and Z3 did the same thing. Doubt this only has to do with Qualcomm.
    My M9 is running fine and doesn’t have overheating issues.

  9. I don’t care too much about 4K video, but augmented reality photos are one of the cooler features it has.

    BTW, still loving my Z3v . Haters gonna hate.

  10. That’s what did my z3v in. Videoing in regular HD overheated mine.

  11. Tried this with my Z3+… got bored after 60 seconds and killed the recording. The only warning I saw was the ‘standard disclaimer’ at the beginning – no problems during actual recording whatsoever.

    Re the Z4V… you’re getting QI wireless charging, unlike the rest of the world.:(

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