Deal: Grab the super discreet Moto Hint Bluetooth headset for $99.99 through June 30th


Moto Hint ear

Ever thought $150 for the Moto Hint was a bit too pricey? Well, now’s your chance to buy one on the cheap. Motorola has the mini Bluetooth headset going for $99.99 through their online store. The catch is that the deal only lasts through June 30th.

The headset equips you with a micrphone and earpiece for both speaking to your family and friends over the phone, as well as issuing voice commands without having to lift a finger. What’s cooler about the headset is that it ships with a charging bay that actually has a battery of its own, so if the headset dies in the middle of the day you can get more juice by dropping it into the portable charger.

Moto Hint case

The Moto Hint looks like something you’d find in an advanced crime film. It slots into your ear with a profile so thin that some people might mistake you for a crazy person talking to yourself. If you don’t mind being “that guy” then be sure to buy one before it’s too late.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I was wanting to get one of these to pair with my Nexus 6 but was not willing to drop that much for it. I hope it is worth the $99… Can’t wait to check it out….

    1. It’s probably quite expensive to make an earpiece this small while making call volume and quality good too. I’m curious to see what reviews will say about it.

  2. excellent. I can’t wait to make people think I’m crazy while talking on the phone with such a discrete device!

    1. Yes, precious, we talks to ourselves.

  3. Sweet now we can look insane even when we don’t have our 7 inch smartphones on our ear

    1. lol just kidding nobody talks on the phone anymore

  4. How’s the sound quality? I can’t imagine inside the ear is the best place for the microphone…

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