Check your status: Google Project Fi invites continue rolling out


If you were one of the many techies eager to try out Project Fi and jumped at the opportunity to sign up for an early invite, you’ll probably want to check your status. The sign up page is now showing an updated time frame for many Phandroid readers including myself- it appears my invite should arrive in 3 to 4 weeks.

Project Fi Status Invite

An even luckier lot of lads received their invites last week, including our own Chris Chavez, who was happy to see an invite land in his inbox outlining the Project Fi details.

You’re invited to join Project Fi

We’re excited to invite you to Project Fi. Earlier on, you requested an invite, and now we’re ready to bring you onboard. Just click the button below to sign up or head to If you have questions along the way, give us a call at 1-844-TALK-2-FI to get help from a Fi Expert.

5 things to know about Project Fi
Say hello to fast speeds, easy communication and simple pricing.

  1. Tap into a network of networks
    Project Fi uses new technology to give you better coverage by intelligently connecting you to the fastest network at your location whether it’s Wi-Fi or our two LTE network partners.
  2. Secure connections to fast, reliable Wi-Fi networks
    We automatically connect you to over a million Wi-Fi networks we’ve verified as fast and reliable. When we connect you to an open network, we secure your data through encryption.
  3. Wi-Fi enabled calls provide even more coverage
    When you’re on the move, calls seamlessly transition between Wi-Fi and cellular, so you can keep your conversation going.
  4. One simple plan
    Our plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20 per month, which includes: unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, Wi-Fi tethering, and access to coverage in 120+ countries. Then it’s $10 per GB for data. $10 for 1GB, $20 for 2GB $30 for 3GB, and so on. That’s it. With no annual contract required.
  5. Never pay for unused data
    Our plan is designed to save you money. Let’s say you go with 3 GB for $30 and only use 1.4 GB one month. You’ll get $16 back — you only pay for what you use.

If you’re eager for the opportunity but haven’t yet received an update, don’t worry- Google has already stated that all Project Fi requests should be fulfilled by mid summer.

This concludes your friendly PSA from Phandroid… now go check your Project Fi status, let us know when your invite will arrive in the comments, and then head over to the Project Fi Forums for even more!

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  1. I’m just waiting for an affordable phone now… That nexus 6 price is ridiculous… and way too big

    1. You may be waiting a while as Google hasn’t disclosed when the Early access program might end. During this time only the Nexus 6 will be compatible with Project Fi.

  2. Mine just says “We’re still determining your status, check back” Super Useful

    1. Me too :(

  3. Who’s the two LTE partners?

    1. Sprint and tmobile

  4. 4-8 weeks for me. Thankfully I’ve heard they don’t expire, so I’ll probably be holding off until either the Nexus 6 price goes way down or until we see what they are doing next in the Nexus line.

    1. If the next Nexus line doesn’t include the radios that the Nexus 6 currently supports, it would not be compatible with Project Fi. Also, if the next Nexus is released and Project Fi is still in the early access state, only the Nexus 6 will be supported.

  5. If only I could find a cheap nexus 6.

    1. How cheap are we talking? It was on sale for the past three weeks at $499 for 32GB. I believe that sale ended on June 23rd.

      Update: Looks like it’s still $499/$549 for the 32GB/64GB NEXUS 6 from the Google store. Not sure for how long.

      1. As cheap as a HTC one M8. They’re like 270 on swappa.

        1. Nexus owners love their devices :). Maybe you’ll be able to get one at such prices in about 6 months.

          1. Hopefully more devices are compatible with this in the future. *sigh*.

  6. Mine says still determining status too…

  7. Still 4-8 weeks out despite signing up on the second day…lol.

    1. Not good. Signed up second day too and got mine on May 11th. Hang tight, it’s coming :)

    2. I signed up on the first day and I get the “We are still determining your status” messages. So much for first come, first serve.

  8. 6th thing to know about Project Fi:
    When will an actual phone be supported (as opposed to the one phablet currently supported)?

    1. Once the early access program closes, Google will consider other phone options. Unfortunately, the Nexus 6 will be the only supported device during this time.

    2. Seeing that one service is CDMA and the other is GSM your phone must be compatible and have WIFI calling feature, and Im sure that phone will be on the list.

    3. Actual phone? Nexus 6 is phenomenal. Best phone I ever had. I don’t get how people say its too big. It’s roughly the same size as the Galaxy Note without that stupid pen thing.

      1. My sister has an iPhone 6+, it’s *enormous*, and the N6 is slightly bigger than the 6+. There’s plenty of people like you who like their phablets, but there’s plenty more of us who prefer our phones, you know, phone-sized.

  9. 4-8 weeks here. But I won’t be trying this out until there are other phone options available.

  10. :(

    1. Yes I have the Fi app…. waiting

  11. Got my invite and just signed up last night! My sim card should be here any day now. Can’t wait.

    I’ve actually had my invite for a few weeks now, but I just now got the phone. I applied for my invite on day one.

  12. Would someone mind explaining what this is?

    1. A cheap monthly service for what I currently have? I’m not sure I understand.

    2. Its a Wifi first phone service. It uses your wifi connection for phone calls and of course data. It works great for me because I am always around wifi and never ever use my phone. You can sign up for a 2 Gig plan for 40 bucks and whatever you don’t use that month, gets rolled over to the next month so theoretically my bill can be between 27 and 40 bucks a month.

  13. Would love to get a review from Chris Chavez once he has some time to play with this.

  14. Wow I signed up April 22 and my invite status is

    “We’re still determining your status. Check back here for updates.”

    This Sucks :'(

    1. Me too. Frustrating.

      1. Me 3?

        1. Me 4?

    2. Mi cinco

  15. Two to Three weeks here. Requested invite on Apr 22. Seems to be a lot they are considering other than when you requested the invite.

  16. Yeah, Thanks Phandroid 1-2 weeks here! Just in time!!!! :)

  17. still not to sure about this tired pricing structure… now i know with the plan i have i use data. So perhaps this is good for people that do not consume much data.

  18. Was going to try this out but recently switched to AT&T Straight Talk with 5gb, unlimited talk/text on AT&T with avg DL of 30-40mbps all for less than $44/month taxes and everything, I just cant do it. Coming from T-mobile and having used Sprint in the past I cant see anything being better for the price point. Sorry Google you waited too late for this potential customer and his colleagues. Now if you add AT&T with it then I might be more than willing to jump on board, but AT&T blows T-mobile/Sprint service away and their speeds are much better than Verizon on avg. I just cant see anything better than Straight Talk as long as you dont need to call their customer service.

    1. King: Straight Talk is far better than “Fi”. Fi’s T-Mobile and Sprint coverage is bad compared to AT&T.

      ” I just cant see anything better than Straight Talk as long as you dont need to call their customer service”

      I chose Cricket over Straight Talk actually.

      1. I did too. After arguing with Straight Talk and then NET10 (same company) a few years back about not being able to send/receive MMS messages, I switched around from AT&T to T-Mobile and to Aio Wireless (now the New Cricket Wireless). I left again for an unlimited AT&T data plan I had the opportunity to acquire. I left AT&T again and sold the plan and made $500 to hop on to the promotional 20GB Cricket plan. Same coverage, $55/month for 20GB at fast-enough high-speed LTE data.

        I’m thinking about Fi, simply for speed, but being on this promotional plan that I can NEVER get back if I leave it will probably be what keeps me here. That, or needing to tether or travel internationally again (that was a hastle).

        1. Man we must be some kind of cellular twins lol. Same story. I had ST tmobile, then ST AT&T and left because MMS and data gave me issues and the CS reps were no help. Went to Tmobile prepaid and service was pretty bad on my commute to school and work so I jumped ship to AT&T Go Phone plan but the Data was expensive for so little then I finally decided to give Aio a shot and low and behold it was a brilliant decision. Then when the told me about the 20GB promo I knew I was destined to be with them for life

        2. T-Mobile is so terrible that I can only read comments from people hundreds of miles away who can even receive it. As I sit here typing this, bombarded with invisible waves from AT&T, Verizon, and even Sprint towers.

  19. I just got my project fi invite about 15 minutes ago. I signed up the first day and was very surprised to have received it today.

  20. Mine went from 2-3 week wait two days ago, to an invite last night :) Needless to say my SIM card has been ordered.

    1. Congrats!!!

      1. Thanks. It looks like the SIM won’t ship or get here for another week or so. But at least things are moving. Have to see if my boss got his invite.

  21. My Fi SIM is on its way!

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