Google will fulfill all Project Fi invites by mid-summer


Google is entering the mobile carrier space, if you haven’t heard, with a solution that they’re calling “Project Fi”. Upon making that huge announcement they began accepting applications for beta invites… and today, Google has RSVP’d by claiming they’ll get to everyone by mid-Summer.

Here’s the complete e-mail:



Thanks for requesting an invite to Project Fi. We’re really excited that you’re interested in trying our service! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been happy to bring the first customers onto Project Fi and the initial feedback has been very positive.

We’re sending invites as quickly as we can, while ensuring a high-quality experience. Given the number of requests we’ve received, we currently estimate that it will take until mid-summer to get to everyone.
In the coming weeks we’ll have a way for you to check the status of your invite – stay tuned for more information.

Thanks again for your interest in Project Fi. We’ll get you an invite as soon as we can!
–The Project Fi team


We’re assuming that Google will have a LOT more to share with us at Google IO next week. Phandroid will be there to cover the event live, so make sure you stay tuned to this site for the latest breaking news. In the meantime let us know if you’ll become a Project Fi customer in the comments and for even more, visit the Project Fi Forums at

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  1. Is this mainly geared for those who only need the modest of data use and not for businesses and “data hogs”? I’m assuming since this is very early days.

    1. I think initially this is for the average consumer who doesn’t use a ton of data. However, I can see Google continually steering the entire industry towards more affordable data by leveraging Project Fi as a competitive instrument.

      1. I do wonder why Apple never tested the waters with their own MVNO. They certainly have the warchest to fund something like that.

        1. That was kinda what Steve Jobs wanted initially,more so his own Apple Network of sorts instead of an MVNO:

          1. You think it would be too costly for them to just outright buy a carrier like the article suggested? Like in today’s climate.

        2. Good point but I’d be very disappointed if they did it.

          1. They seem more content with hoarding cash anyway.

          2. If I had even a small fraction of their leftover cash I wouldn’t know what to do with it either.

            They could buy a government branch with the kind of money they have.

          3. I’d use the money to build my own volcano lair.


      2. I was really interested at 1st,but,then remembered a good chunk of the data I use (w/T-Mobile) isn’t counted,due to their Music Freedom program.
        Perhaps if Google follows suit w/Play Music streaming not counting against data usage,I’ll reconsider.

    2. “data hogs” aka people who ACTUALLY USE a device that they paid a lot of money for!

      1. Folks are entitled to use their device in any way they see fit. Some use more data monthly than others, either way they’re using the device like it’s meant to be used.

        1. No one is disagreeing with you, man.

    3. Yeah I signed up but can use over 10GB/month so not worth switching from my unlimited Sprint plan.

  2. Hopefully, Google will announce support for other devices than Nexus 6. I’m looking to upgrade and really interested in testing this new MVNO but the N6 is a deal breaker for me — too honking big.

    1. I personally like a larger device as it just feels better in the hand

      1. Great for you.. Its not for everyone. Hence why choice wins in the end. I have a tablet for a larger device so I prefer a smaller device for being on-the-go, meetings and out at social affairs.

      2. The era of exclusivity of phones for tiny-handed people is over!

    2. That phone was a disappointment and we all know it.

    3. N6 is for pilot invite only program. They said more phones would be added when opened to public. More phones with the Qualcom chipset support for Fi should be out later this year.

  3. More of these stupid invite ways of doing things, huh?

    1. That’s called Oneplus Syndrome.

      1. This is from long before OnePlus, this is the Gmail syndrome.

    2. Google actually does this to manage scale. If the system they designed just went from 0 to 10 million users they would not have time to learn and tweak it. I learned this by talking to a project manager once.

  4. Only if the coverage is good in my area

  5. I actually got my Fi invite, but im really not interested in $649 for a Nexus 6, if they had some more options in the realistic price range id be in. Theres so many amazing phones in the $300 range, its hard to pay double that.

    1. Aren’t they 550 right now ?and 599.99/@ Google play right now for the 64gb?

      1. so… still double right?
        If they setup a monthly financing on the phone, they might get more traction. But between the high upfront cost and and savings really only coming in for the low data users, I see this project as causing some new thoughts on the industry not not really changing it much. Just others doing WiFi off loading.

        1. They are offering a payment plan.

          1. Oh good, missed that then.

  6. I would try project Fi, but after looking at my data usage over the last couple of months it would not make sense to drop sprint and pay an extra $40 for everything. If they adjust pricing I’m in, however this service def isn’t for people who use a lot of data

  7. I’m currently on Virgin Mobile with an old HTC Evo (supports WiMax). There’s lots to say about the service and phone selection but the most relevant issue is that Sprint will be retiring their 4G WiMax service here in the fall. So, I have given myself until then to figure out what I want to do.

    My non-WiFi data needs are very slim… under 1GB. Plus, a phablet would make my life a little simpler… wouldn’t need my 10″ tablet very much anymore.

    It’s quite likely I’d go for it as soon as I get my invite. But part of me wants to see what other phones the bring onboard soon…

  8. If only google had an LCD IPS screen inside the Nexus 6 …IMO

    1. Why do you prefer lcd over amoled?

      1. Burn in … I am so afraid of it that I don’t turn my screen brightness up ever… I can never enjoy that full beauty of it because of that. Amoled looks way better in a side by side comparison especially Samsung’s Note 4 and S6 … But the Burn in and grainy look kills it after awhile for me.

    2. Funny, I wish my LG G3 had the same AMOLED screen my Nexus 6 has. It looks so damn beautiful specially at night watching videos.

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