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Here at Phandroid we’re always trying to bring you the best Android coverage on the planet. We cover the news, review the latest devices and apps, curate lists, make videos, do a podcast, and so much more. Android is our life, but we know it’s your life too. From time to time we take a step back and ask you, the reader, what you’d like to see on Phandroid.

Your Favorite Android Topics

We’ve been doing this since before Android was even on a single phone, and in that time “covering Android” has evolved to mean much more. Phones will always be the bread and butter of the Android world, but nowadays we also have tablets, watches, TVs, glasses, and even cars. Then there is all the apps, games, and services that actually run on these devices. Android is a monster, and we love it.

Our question to you is, which of these topics is most important to you? Check all that apply.

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What types of articles?

All of these different topics can be covered in many different ways. There are simple news stories, leaks, and rumors, but also reviews, tutorials, editorials, polls (like this one), videos, and more. All of these serve different purposes. We’d like to know what type of content is your favorite. Are you a news hound or do you like to sink your teeth into something more in-depth?

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Recurring Features

“Features” are what we call our original content. This includes our semi-weekly Android Wallpaper series, Best Apps of the Month, Best Phones of the Month, Phan Favs (reader-selected best apps), Deals of the Week, and more. These types of articles are what set Phandroid apart. They provide valuable information and analysis that you won’t find anywhere else. We’d like to know what featured content is your favorite?

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Your Personal Android Experience

Android is a universal product. There are a bunch of different carriers and manufacturers making Android devices across the globe. So while one person across the globe could be using the same phone as you, someone else could have an Android device you’ve never heard about. That’s the beauty of this ecosystem.


There are many, many manufacturers making Android devices. Almost ever tech company from Acer to ZTE has made some sort of Android-related device. Here in the U.S. we’ve got the big four: Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola. In other parts of the world the selection is much more diverse. Let us know who you like.

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Most of these Android devices require a carrier in able to function. Just like with the manufacturers there are four big carriers here in the U.S.: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. In the global scale these carriers are not even in the top ten. What carrier do you use?

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Global News

We primarily cover news that happens here in the U.S., but we realize that some of our readers may want to hear about more global Android news. Even if you’re living in the U.S. you might be interested in what’s happening in India, or vice versa.

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Give us your suggestions!

We just threw a lot of polls at you, but now we want to hear your own words. We love to hear from you, after all, this site would be nothing without readers. Share your suggestions in the comments below. What would you like to see more of on Phandroid? Do you have ideas for new recurring features? Let us know!

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Thanks for asking what we would want to read rather then what you assume we would.

  2. Phone manufacturer: Nexus of course lol

  3. Not surprised to see Sprint and T-Mobile topping the list. I suspect that’s likely because there’s more data-hungry users among us needing Sprint/T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans that there is grandfathered unlimited data users on AT&T/Verizon.

    You guys are doing a great job and I truly appreciate you making such an effort in engaging with your readers and trying to get as much feedback as you can to help improve this place.

    The reviews are a big one with me. Writing quick opinions and a couple images of a device is ok but when you spend the time to do a full review and test something in real world conditions and offer videos and lots of stills that’s just even better. More importantly, it’s vital for many who need to see a device outside of display conditions inside a store in order to really help them decide if they’re going to invest their money on it.

    When it comes to manufacturers, I’d suggest try to keep the playing field as level as possible in terms of covering devices from these companies. Samsung, LG and HTC certainly have a lot of market saturation here in North America but you also have the likes of Xiaomi who are the real up and comers in the mobile phone game.

    Some of us stick with the more mainstream devices and they’ll enjoy regular coverage of them here on Phandroid but others also prefer the less common devices from places like ZTE, OnePlus, or Huawei. Those folks would really appreciate some in depth news and reviews.

    It’s just hard to really decide what to cover without shorting something else. Deals of the week, app of the month, tuturials? I WANT IT ALL! ;)

    Keep up the hard work, fellas. Thank you for listening!


    1. In the reviews or news on articles, please check if they are actually “worldwide”. Some, especially the apps made by Japanese devs, are geo-blocked in Japan. The English versions are either separate Google Play links, or are simply banned in Japan. It’s really frustrating to read “available globally”, only to find that it isn’t.

  4. Anything but the terrible deals you’ve been posting.

    1. I totally agree. They were so horrible for a couple weeks I almost stopped reading Phandroid altogether. They’re not actually deals. Most of the time there are better prices elsewhere. I’ve checked.

      1. I agree.. The “deals” are horrendous and are usually terribly rated products.

    2. Very few deals are great. Though I must point out one thing:

      I have been pondering the ZeroLemon 20KMah backup battery for a while.

      Its price on Amazon fluctuates between $40-$80 and no one complains. They sell it here for a solid $50 which is currently $80 on Amazon. I dont see an issue here at all.

      I want better quality stuff is my only gripe.

  5. A tutorial on how chris Chavez makes his hair look so fabulous

    1. That + how to get the best selfie for each style.

      Everything else would be eclipsed.

    2. If he made a video on that I really would watch it. How about Chris Chavez gets his own YouTube channel……

  6. More and more people seem to be moving to MVNO’s so I enjoy hearing about the best ones and the unlocked int’l phones that will work on their networks. I plan to do this when my VZW contract ends.

  7. I’d really love to see more rumors and extreme device reviews. Rumors have always been the most exciting articles. I feel they generate the best comments because everyone is excited and the community gets to speculate and politely argue about what they think is coming next.

    In-depth reviews are also great since they help readers (like me) choose their next daily driver.

    Please no more “deals” posts. Those are godawful.

    Thanks for checking in with your readers.

  8. skin, skin and more skin please:)

  9. There needs to be a “More Chris” option in the polls up there haha.

    1. Seconded. Man’s so likeable along with being funny and very knowledgeable.

    2. Thirded. Chris is too funny and his videos are just hilarious!!! I recognize one of his articles from the first sentence!

  10. Please get rid of those annoying pop-up topics. Anything that pops up for me is usually 2 years old already. The pop-ups may be meant to help users find new things, but any regular reader has already seen most of the info already.

  11. It would be nice to actually receive the prize you win from Phandroid instead of getting no response from anyone especially after promoting the Phandroid website and contest for almost a month and watching your name be announced by the the Phandroid staff on their YouTube video. Just saying.

  12. I’d like to see more device customization articles. Hands on video installs. Stuff like wood replacement backs on Nexus 6s, etc. Accessories are always cool.

    1. Yea I think you should do an article on standard accessories for each major phone release, cases etc. Like you did for g4. It took me forever digging through forums to find quality info on g3 cases when I needed one, but also wanted easy access for daily battery changes.

  13. You should really fix this poll where multiple selections are needed.

    You should have a priority list. 1-3 or 1-5 on whats most important. Simply asking if the News is more important than Auto is dumb and terrible.

    Google Home and Auto are going to be the fastest growing segment in the next couple of years, yet its not what dominates the market, so its not AS important. Its a mixed bag and this poll doesnt help!

    1. We’re not asking you to say if news is more important than auto. We’re simply asking you to check all that interest you.

  14. I want Chris to do more videos!

  15. Something is wrong with your manufacturer poll..it has Sony as the 5 manufacturer. Clearly this is a mistake. ?

  16. I really want to see more of those ads posing as actual articles.

  17. Somewhat (but pleasently) surprised to see T-Mo atop the carriers list. More surprised that that many people are already on Project Fi. How’s that working? I haven’t really seen any reviews or comments about how well that actually works.

    1. I think it was just people like me interested in the idea of project fi, I doubt most of them already have it.

      1. Yeah, I just noticed that the poll question asks what carrier people “care about most” while the text above it (which is what I was looking at before) asks what carrier people are actually using. Poorly done Phandroid.

    2. Same here. With the amount of people that crap on T-mobile, it’s awesome to see that it’s got it’s true fans.

  18. I def want to see more about carriers, it doesn’t matter what phone you have if you got Sprint. I want to know where the good prepaid data deals are and reviews on there service.

  19. Site is pretty good as is. Keep it up!

  20. Can you make “Most Hated Topic” vote? I’ll put carriers and rumors there.

  21. A Q and A weekly/monthly session would be cool

  22. I’d like to see some way of covering (only) premium-style apps and games, or “non-freemium”. These include pure premium, free-to-try (with “premium upgrade” iap’s), or any apps and games where it’s obvious that they are not nickel and diming the user. I’d also like games that are hardware controller/hardware mouse/keyboard supported to be given the limelight.

    It might be that you are obliged to post news on freemium and pay to win apps, but perhaps you could label apps and games under “premium style”, “freemium”, “hardware controls”, etc and have sections under the main news for users to select (and then bookmark). That way, or with similar systems, users can customise their experience and make this site more relevant to their needs? Failing that, just pop “Freemium/Premium/etc” in the title (or tags?) Attached to the story, so we can choose whether to click on the story?

    Also, please could you update, or remove, the “Wallpaper” posts, please? I don’t think they’re particularity relevant to us, as it’s easy to just Google search such pictures. However, what WOULD be interesting (for me), would be a focus on LIVE wallpapers. I love using them, both on my phone (especially when connected to my monitor), Ouya and possibly son-to-buy Shield TV. Some live wallpapers also allow us to use our own pictures (with effects overlayed on them), which is when a few links to pictures or static wallpapers in an article would be then relevant.

  23. How about a simple thumbs up and thumbs down voting for every article that is published. That way you get instant feedback on what articles are hit and miss and if there’s a pattern with a specific type of article then making changes across the board.

  24. You do all these phanboy articles on what phones are getting a lollipop “update.” When are you going to do a poll with those that have received the lollipop “update” and how satisfied they are with it? I’ve personally seen 3 different devices that were severely downgraded/crippled by the lollipop “update.” New phones that come with lollipop seem to be fine, but why is Google pushing out OS updates that can cripple perfectly working phones before lollipop, with no easy way to restore them back to factory settings. And that would make for another great article, how to restore an android device back to factory settings for those who got screwed by lollipop.

  25. Porn ?

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