Android 5.1 for the HTC One M9 leaked, here’s a quick look at some of the changes


HTC One M9 Android 5.1 Sense 7

Lately, we’ve been seeing OEMs like Samsung make a big push to update their flagships devices to Android 5.1 — the latest version of Lollipop as it currently exists. Although we’ve yet to see the update from HTC, their recent track record leaves us optimistic.

If you’ve been curious to take a look at what HTC has been working on, Android developer and ROM modder LlabtooFeR is giving us a sneak peek inside an early Android 5.1 software build for the One M9 (2.7.401.1) and a few of the new changes therein.

We’re not sure where they got the idea from, but it looks like HTC will be giving users the ability to tweak the color temperature of their phone’s display. It’s something you’d typically only find on a TV or monitor, but a nice power user tweak that we think many users will appreciate. Also making its way to the One M9 as a part of Android 5.1 is multi-user support which you can find in the screenshots above. Smaller tweaks include new UI animations and improved sound controls that allow the user to enable Do Not Disturb mode but still allow alarms through.

Unless you have a carrier branded HTC One M9 in the US, we don’t think you’ll have to wait much longer before the update starts rolling out. In the meantime, you can either wait for the update to hit your HTC One M9 in the coming weeks/months or root your phone and flash LlabtooFeR’s latest ROM right now from the link down below.

[LlabtooFeR | via AndroidBeat]

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  1. I’m still waiting on the latest firmware update

  2. And still not actually material. Wow. TOUCHWIZ is following android design guidelines better than HTC.

    1. Dam guidelines, Sense is way better than touchwiz no matter how u feel

    2. It looks Material Designed to me. I honestly cannot tell much difference between Jelly Bean’s redesign and Material Design. It honestly seems like Material Design doesn’t have the boxes touch edges which would give things a flatter look.

      I mean, yea some things are more noticeable than others, but overall I don’t really notice anything. Like I honestly thought the design being shown was Material Design. LoL!!

    3. Really?
      Since when did Material Design have CleanMaster/CheetahMobile folded-in to the U/I-O/S?
      I’ll take SENSE over TouchWiz or pure stock Android all day long……………

  3. Fyi….there is a way to get the updates before your carrier pushes them out to you….As long as the manufacturer is pushing the update out you can get it despite being locked to a carrier who isn’t pushing it out fast enough…I just did this for 2 of my phones and it worked flawlessly and I’m on AT&T….. What I did was this…

    Pulled my SIM card out and did a factory data reset. After the phone resets make sure you keep the SIM out and run on your Wi-Fi only. If your phone doesn’t automatically prompt you to download the update or tell you it’s available then go to system settings and manually check for the update. If it’s there just download like you would normally. After your phone is finished installing the update put the SIM back in and you’re good to go. This worked for me on my Nexus 6 ….I had the update months before AT&T actually released it and it worked for me on a Moro X 2014 edition…….I also know others that have tried this method on other phones and have had success…..just tossing that out there…obviously there are no guarantees ….but it has worked for me….twice…..

    1. That *only* works on the Nexus and Moto devices, because the updates are (usually) the same for every carrier.

      For phones that are actually a separate model for each carrier, it’s flagged to grab the update for that model only. Key thing to watch for is if there’s any carrier-branded apps preloaded.

      1. Ahhhhh….that makes perfect sense. You are absolutely right. I didn’t even think of that. Good call…..

  4. Hoping this fixes the very slow charging problem that occurs as a result of the last update. http://forum.xda-developers.com/one-m9/help/update-to-1-40-401-8-slow-charging-t3134934

  5. Guessing Verizon will let us see it in about 4 months.

  6. And Verizon will still shove in their obnoxious relentless unstoppable WiFi notifications that happen whenever you connect to WiFi, disconnect and are around available networks, and whenever the phone wakes from battery-saving sleep.

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