Mysterious HTC 0PM3100 stops by FCC on its way to Verizon



Despite reports that the HTC One M9 hasn’t exactly been flying off of store shelves, it seems the Taiwanese manufacturer isn’t ready to throw in the towel quite yet. Making a pit stop by the FCC today is a mysterious new HTC device carrying the model number “0PM3100.”

We can’t for sure tell what the HTC 0PM3100 is at this point, but the documentation makes it clear that this is, in fact, a smartphone and not some other device like a new HTC tablet. What’s more is the frequency bands make it the perfect fit for Verizon’s network here in the US, with the phone carrying a handful of compatible LTE and CDMA bands.

The model number isn’t too far off from the HTC One M9’s which we initially saw leaked as the 0PJA10/13 back in January. From here, we can only guess as to whether or not this is that souped up HTC One M9 we heard rumors about, or perhaps a US variant of the HTC One M9+ which at this point is only available in Asian markets.

[via Blog of Mobile | FCC]

Chris Chavez
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  1. What rumor(s) of a “souped-up” M9 (& specs)?
    I’ve seen the M9+ & E9 but,nothing regarding a new & improved M9…….

  2. If it doesn’t have a better camera, may it burn in phone hell.

  3. I hope it’s something besides an M9+

  4. Didnt they say this phone is missing 802 radios? sounds like a budget phone to me which is stupid to spend money producing a phone when the M8 can just be marked down.

  5. Don’t be fooled by the photo in the post; this is not a “One” variant; it’s got to be entry level.

  6. Well folk….wake me up when HTC decides to get rid of the huge bezels, logo bar and put in HUGE Batteries and a better Camera and a screen to body ratio of 75+% on their top devices

  7. No matter whether it is stopped on the way or get released, the golden days of HTC in the
    world of Smartphones are over now after launch of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 with features
    like metallic glass body, curved screen and compatibility with wireless charger for Galaxy S6.

    1. personal preference varies so not everyone wants a glass body, not everyone wants to pay or has the money to pay a huge premium for a curved screen, and wireless charging will soon be the new standard on HTC flagship phones (said in an interview by Howard Lee, Senior Director of Project Management and Electrical Structure) so buckle up cause this race isn’t over

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