This prototypical smartphone packs a massive 10,000mAh battery


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Most of us are happy to get anything between 2,600mAh and 3,500mAh in a smartphone for battery, but one company is pushing the limit in a big way. Oukitel has been working on a prototypical smartphone that houses a whopping 10,000mAh battery.

As you can imagine, the battery adds a whole hell of a lot more girth than the typical size would, and you would have a tank of a smartphone to carry around. That shouldn’t be an issue for someone who values battery life over size, though. And it doesn’t even look that bad in the few photos of the thing we’ve seen.

battery phone 2

We will always prefer improved battery technology over sheer capacity, but in the absence of development for the former side we’d say this is a nice stop gap for anyone who can’t stand the petite batteries of today. No word on what other specs this thing will have or if it’ll ever come to market, but let us know if you wouldn’t mind owning a brick of a phone in order to get what should equate to days of battery life.

[via WCCF]

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  1. The battery life probably won’t be 4X better despite having about 4X the capacity of quite a few smartphone batteries.

    If my Limefuel 20000maH battery pack from AndroidArea proved anything it’s that stated/theoretical capacity does *not* equal practical usage/charging capacity.

    1. No offense intended, but you’re completely wrong.

      You cannot compare an external battery pack to the internal battery. An external battery pack does not power the phone, it charges the battery, and a lot of potential energy is wasted in this process (resistance, heat, etc). Not to mention that the phone or whatever device is usually still on while charging off the external battery pack.

      Furthermore, the higher the capacity of a battery, the lower the internal resistance. This means a battery with 4x the capacity will actually give MORE than 4x the battery life.

      1. All right. I admit that the comparison might be flawed but the battery pack still sucks donkeyballs.

        1. Using 3ctoolbox pro, paid version of xposed module, android tuner, there are settings inside, to adjust charging parameters. Works on usb, and wall charge . You can set the external battery to a trickle charge.

        2. That’s because external batteries and battery cases are best used when your device’s internal battery is already practically fully charged. A high capacity, swappable, internal battery and carrying a spare battery will always win over using external batteries.

          The power loss due to conversion may not seem like that much but it really adds up because you have two conversions going on. Most Lithium-ion batteries are 3.7v whereas the USB standard calls for 5v. So the 3.7v lithium battery that is used in a battery case or external pack needs to be up-converted to 5v before it is usable to charge your device.

          3.7v internal battery (in the case) converted to USB 5v.
          to device…
          USB 5v converted to 3.7v to charge the battery AND power the device.

          If your external battery is properly built, then it has independent voltage converters for each USB port. Using more ports simultaneously will further add to conversion losses, you really won’t get as much out of your external battery.
          The more active your device is, the more power is taken away from the battery charging process, meaning your internal battery takes even longer to charge.

          So really, if your goal is to get the most battery life possible, attempting to use a battery case or external battery to charge the internal battery while the phone is in use is an exercise in futility. You are MUCH better off connecting your device to your battery case or external battery AS SOON AS you unplug it from your wall charger so you are not wasting as much energy during the conversion process.

          I’ve previously used an iphone with a battery case, I saw WAAY better results when I charged the phone fully before plugging it into the case. The case would double my overall battery life when used properly.
          Every time I tried to charge the phone from a fully charged case, the case would be dead after an hour and barely provided a 40% charge when the phone was in-use.

          1. You’d think they would have used the same voltage from the output port (which should be an internally-attached wire with a microUSB end), eliminating wastefulness.

          2. yeah, having something of a charger bypass would be ideal but you can’t do it through a standard USB port without turning it into a proprietary connector. Ideally the phone itself would need external docking points that would be used by battery cases to just about directly join the battery capacity at native voltage instead of relying on conversion. If manufacturers did that I might be more willing to get a device with a fixed battery.

          3. My S6 battery kills this dorky junk. ??

          4. Considering this thing has a little over 4 times the mAh of your ridiculous S6, I highly doubt it. That’s like comparing the battery on on an actual laptop, with the battery of tablet. Good job you idiot.

        3. My mother-in-law was able to fully charge her Tablet (Nook HD 8.9″) and her phone (EVO 4G LTE) 3 times with a little wiggle room left on a 10,000 maH charger. Maybe you got a lemon.

  2. This will make one heavy-ass smartphone. I have a 7800mAh extended battery for my S4. It weighs about as much as the phone itself (not including the case, which adds even more weight). The full package is a brick. This proposed 10000mAh phone will shave some grams not needing an extra case, but it’ll still be quite heavy. Being flat rather than nearly an inch thick will help in distributing the weight in a pocket better, but it’ll still pull your pants down.

    1. 10000mAh battery with complimentary belt.

    2. Wear a belt.

    3. Not if a) your pants fit, or b) you wear a belt. ;)

  3. I currently have a Nexus 6, so no, this phone is not too big for me :)

  4. Amen! Now make that 10,000 mAH battery removable so that Zerolemon can triple its capacity and I can have a 30,000 mAH battery that lasts for 2 weeks. I don’t care about the cost, battery life and screen size above all.

    1. Whats so hard about spare batteries or even charging the phone every night? Don’t u have to charge yourself every night as well? (sleeping)

      1. Not everyone lives a routine lifestyle where they have access or the ability to charge their phone daily in a convenient manner.

      2. Pretty simple reason I wanna have a phone that you can use for a long period without worrying if it will make it through the day. It’s not always a option for me to charge it when the battery dies since I like to use my phone for music while I drive on my motorcycle.

      3. sometimes one comes home at 5am and would like the phone to still have juice left, sometimes one also might fall asleep drunk and hope the alarm still goes off in the morning, and sometimes one doesn’t go to one’s own home and wherever they are crashing might be an iphone user with no spare charger

        1. Having a fully charged spare battery with you would fix all those problems.

          1. It would, but then you’d have a phone that supported battery swapping, you’d also have to lug around a spare battery in anticipation of said events, you’d also have to charge both batteries the night before hand. Or you could buy one of those external battery charges, but then you’re paying much extra for what capacity could already be included. Not that having the option is a bad thing, but i’d prefer to have larger batteries to begin with.

  5. Yes, I would buy it. I don’t get a full day out of my Droid Turbo!

  6. obligatory

    1. HAHAHA you win the internet!

  7. I don’t care! Even if it still had gingerbread on it, I’d take it! A beast!

    1. Nobody well-adjusted would go back to gingerbread.

      1. Wow! To comment on a joke the way you did, shows me, you have no life, and are very petty, Your crown, should have a ass ruble in it.

        1. Looks like you’re the uptight one, I was joining in on your tongue-in-cheek remark with my own. Lighten up, son.

  8. It doesn’t look too bad.

  9. Goodness. I’d rather carry a couple extra batteries for my Note 4 if I needed the extra juice. They’re quite compact.

  10. I used to carry an EVO 3D with an 6000mah extended battery. I had to have all that just to get through a day. the 2910 in my Idol 3 lasts longer than that rig did.

    1. I had a Galaxy S4 with a 5200mAh extended battery. It usually lasted me 2-3 days, depending on usage. I went on a social media trip to NASA at the end of 2013 and while iPhone users were digging for charging ports & portable batteries, my S4 kept chugging along.

      1. now S6 uses are the ones digging for chargers… how times have changed.

        1. I just got my S6 yesterday and so far it’s doing pretty good on battery life. Early impression is that it matches the S5.

          1. it really doesn’t unless you got the S6 Active.

          2. Have used it all weekend and I can say that it does achieve S5 level battery life for sure.

          3. for sure it doesn’t. battery tests don’t lie.

          4. Actually, battery tests can lie. All of the battery tests I’ve seen are unrealistic compared to real life uses. Looping video tests is not a real-life scenario.

            But, since you want to bring up benchmarks, Phone Arena’s benchmarks show the S6 is behind the S5 by only 24 minutes.

          5. Actually they don’t, real world users reported SoT of the S5 around 5-5.5hrs with GS6 getting 4-4.5hrs. GS6 is winner of the 2015 wallhugger award.

          6. Yes, battery tests do lie. A lot of battery tests I seen of the original Nexus 7 put its battery life around 9 hours. I never got better than 7. I also never seen 5-5.5hrs of screen on time on the S5 nor the S6 and I keep my brightness low + don’t watch videos. Funny how that works, huh?

            My S6 has been unplugged for over 13hrs currently and I still have 73% remaining with an hour of screen on time. App use = Swarm, Twitter, Facebook, Gas Buddy, and downloading + trying out Open Camera.

          7. When I was on KitKat when it was new, my N7 got 9hrs SoT. Lollipop dropped it from 8 down to 6.

          8. Screenshots of my first 1 day+ battery life on the GS6. You could add a few hours of screen on time and still get 24 hours of life out of the battery on it. No power saving modes were used.

          9. Your SoT confirms exactly what I said. 2hrs SoT over 37hrs is like 4hrs SoT over a 16hr day. If you turned off BT you might get 4.5hrs which is what every reviewer was getting around. My brother has the phone and kills in 3.5hrs SoT charging it at 4PM, he likes his screen bright so yeah, but its all the same range.

          10. I actually had 3 hours of SoT on Sunday by 2PM and still had 56% battery left. Battery is a lot better and while I could benefit from Bluetooth being turned off, it hasn’t proven to be a drain for me.

          11. your phone does not lie. 2 hours 3 minutes 2 seconds of screen on time. People that complain about battery life are the ones that use between 4 and 6+ hours of screen on time per day.

          12. I had 3 hours of SoT Sunday with 56% remaining after 10 hours of use. I’m certain I could make it all day with 5-6 hours of SoT and still have juice to make it home or to my car charger.

            Also, I’d hate to see the chiropractor bill for those folks looking at their phones 4-6+ hours daily.

          13. You can’t say you get good battery life after using your phone only for a day. You probably didn’t install all the apps yet which would start eating your battery life

          14. I did that on WiFi at home while charging. When it was done, I reached 100% battery life and went from there.

        2. My S6 is the best battery life I have gotten with a stock phone so far..

          1. then your last phone must have been a moto x or nexus 5.

          2. I get new phones far too often, so I am actually comparing it to a handful of current devices.

          3. well please share your review channel, im sure you have tons of videos if the case.

          4. I have written mini blurbs about most of my devices or at least mentioned them on Disquss threads but otherwise no, I don’t get devices to review or whatever I just buy them because I have a short attention span and love phones… I suppose my most in depth writings on each device would be on XDA..

          5. you have thousands of dollars to waste with no productive use for them… sure.

          6. Or he has 4 people on a contract with really old phones, and he always has a new one.

          7. How is it a waste if I enjoy them? Also if you do it right it is not that expensive to get new devices… Sell the old buy the new, it does not matter if they are used… Buy low sell high? Ever thought of it? Don’t be stupid and think that everyone else in the world has the same means and goals as yourself. I enjoy trying different devices, I am an active trader on Swappa and fully enjoy having different devices every few months, enough to offset any cost that may be involved.


  12. It looks like a Sidekick. I’m game, but I already picked Yota.

  13. Even at that size, it’s still a lot smaller than phones we all carried about before the typical smart phone of today came out.

  14. There is no reason they couldn’t make the S6 A 4kmAh battery and add a little extra mm in size. Or on the Note 5 make it a 5kmAh and make us all happy. I remember the old days of my Nokia phones with the monochrome screens and week long battery life! But yeah if the specs were there I would buy this phone! I don’t care how thin a phone is as the thinner it gets the easier it is to break!

    1. There’s no such thing as kmAh. If you want to drop the zeroes from 4000mAh, you drop them and the “m” as well, making it 4Ah.

  15. It’s a prototype, it’s not prototypical.

    1. Combined the words prototype and typical…

  16. More often than not, non flagship China phone companies lie about their specs…especially battery capacity. So I would take that 10,000mAh number with a grain of salt. Zero Lemon already sells cases with 10,000mAh batteries built in and unlike a China phone, if you catch them lying, or your not happy with it for whatever reason, Amazon will refund your money.

  17. Very impressive.

  18. I’d use it.

  19. I don’t mind a thick phone; everyone keeps complaining about battery life but manufacturers keep bragging about their thin phones.

  20. Well, I totally need that kind of batteries in my smartphone

  21. I’d look at it. I’m tired of these slippery little wafer thin things anyway.

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