Report: the Huawei Nexus phone is real


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We’ve heard rumors that Huawei had been tapped to create the next Nexus phone, but there was very little to go on. There still is very little, but IBT claims to have spoken with a knowledgeable source within the company who confirmed the device’s existence.

A Huawei-made Nexus might sound a bit unattractive at first, but the company has been doing a lot of work to step up the quality of their products, and it’s shown in their latest flagship Huawei P8.

The problem for Huawei is that they don’t have very much international fame. They’ve sold devices abroad for quite some time, but in the Americas, for instance, their business mostly came from providing ODM devices for others to rebrand. That has changed in recent years, with the company even launching a US-focused store to buy the latest Huawei phones and tablets.

A Nexus phone would be a very important step for the company, as it would show the masses that they have enough respect to partner up with Google to make a premium device.

Huawei’s challenge will be to potentially outshine the competition, with LG said to be making another Nexus phone that will launch in the same calendar year. That’s a tall order for them, but even if they’re lapped over multiple times it will have been better than nothing at all.

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  1. I’ll pass thanks.

    Don’t trust Huawei.

    1. I said the exact same thing about LG years ago, turns out it’s one of the best phones I ever owned. I’m going out on a limb to say that the Nexus may be what made LG better…

      1. well, LG is a south korean company
        huawei is located in PRC and probably supported by the PRC government

      2. I think you’re missing the point of his post, he doesn’t trust it because of all the stories (there was a bit 60 minutes story a year or so ago) about Huawei using it’s equipment to spy on other countries for the Chinese government.

    2. And you do trust the NSA?

      1. How does the NSA factor in?

      2. The NSA isn’t looking for intellectual property to steal and isn’t working closely with the Chinese government.

        1. What’s the problem? There will be standard components inside, and the software is all Google’s. I don’t understand what the worry is.

          1. Don’t ask me. Ask the United States national security establishment. ;)

  2. Ceap nexus? I hope so

  3. This idea is so crazy, it just might work.

  4. Plus, the Chinese government will have a handy Trojan installed so all of your data is backed up to their servers!

    1. US government doesn’t need Trojans (although they tried that years ago with Android) they just vacuum everything up through telecom companies, etc

    2. Well they have to play catch up with the NSA somehow.

      1. The NSA isn’t searching for intellectual property to steal. Different goals.

        1. I hope for your sake, that you’re joking.

          1. Nope. Also, they’re not working closely with the CCP.

          2. Lol! Oh deary me.

  5. I’ll get it if it has a sufficiently big battery unlike every other nexus phone so far.

  6. Why should I care if Huawei is a Chinese company or not? Google is calling the shots when it comes to software and firmware. Foxconn, one of the largest manufacture of goods for American based companies (Apple, Dell, HP, Cisco, Etc.), is located in China. Hell, 99% of the goods in my house are made in China. You think the Chinese government is the only ones guilty of spying on its citizens? The good ole’ USA has been doing that for decades to both citizens and foreigners. I say, let Huawei have their chance. If they can best LG and Motorola, so be it…

    1. I think most of those voices are just reasonable concerns being expressed towards Huawei. No other Chinese firm has created so many concerns in regards to foreign espionage and we’ve never seen the likes of LG, Samsung or Sony being banned from government installations.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what their Nexus device will look like and may buy it if it’s a good device. But it’s still good to be be aware of the concerns surrounding this company.


  7. If it’s got the right specs, right size, and the right price, I’m in.

  8. So this isn’t actually a report, it’s still gossip and hearsay.

  9. Barf on Nexus always but Huawei is kool I wish them luck

    1. 1. The fact that you are at least 50 years old but still say “barf on” so and so, speaks volumes of your intelligence/mental development.
      2. You’ve constantly claimed for years that Huawei is an insignificant company, that their phones don’t matter and “can’t compete” with most other Android smartphones. So once again, you’ve proven yourself to be an ignorant hypocrite.

      1. The fact that you as usual use the Internet faceless and with fake names proves just as I’ve told 5 years ago how much of a troll and typical coward you are that’s nothing new for Squiddy20. It’s not like you plan on buying anything related to Huawei or the Next Nexus you just troll all my comments and leave the same useless response. ? ? ? You’re sad life in the Military must not be what you thought it would be our country is in real trouble if it’s depending on a coward like you ????

        1. Quit the sh&t or get reported. Your choice.

          1. I’m lost, what did he do to get reported

          2. Being insufferably and vocally critical of anything except Samsung’s devices (Note 4, S6/Edge etc.). Accuses everyone else of making junk/imitations over and over again while ignoring Samsung’s many flaws.

          3. LoL well yea, report his ass

        2. Let’s take a look at your comment.
          1. You accuse me of “[using] the Internet faceless and with fake names”. But unless you seriously expect me and everyone else to believe your real name is “galaxynote4isboss”, you are a hypocrite.
          2. Me not having my real name or picture does not in any way take away from the truth of my statements. There would literally be no more or less validity to my words regardless of if my real name/picture was attached. As usual, you try and change the argument to something you think you can win an argument with, but still fail miserably.
          3. To again prove that you’re a hypocrite, you’ve claimed countless times that you’d never ever get any product of Huawei’s, and have repeatedly said how Nexus devices have “crappy battery life”, bad cameras, and “no features from a multitasking and productivity standpoint”; so you too “have no plan on buying anything related to Huawei or the next Nexus”.
          4. Dragging my employment and whether or not I like my job has absolutely nothing to do with the argument at hand. Once again, you’re just grasping at straws. Try staying on topic for once in your miserable life.
          You have (as usual) utterly failed at providing any real argument. You’re nothing more than a child in a man’s body, resorting to juvenile insults and low-blow tactics to “win”, but ultimately make yourself look like more of a fool.

        3. Wow. A troll calling someone else a troll? Talk about a paradox.

  10. I really hope there is an LG one as well. The Nexus 5, in my opinion, is the best looking Nexus phone. There have been some rumors, now we have to wait and see, will it be a double Nexus year?

    1. Yeah that’s a bit strange. I’m wondering why they’d go with two manufactures for their Nexus line in one year.

      1. They probably will make one of them more budget friendly and the other more premium. The real question is will both of them work with Fi.

        1. If that’s the case it’ll be LG offering the more premium version.

      2. 2013 Nexus 7 = Asus. Nexus 5 = LG. Hmm?

        My point here is that Google has done this before.

        1. Yeah but one was a tablet and the other a phone. Are they doing that here or making two phones from two manufacturers?

          1. Not really a big deal, but I don’t see the Huawei model selling many units.

  11. Google’s doing this to get in good with the Chinese and sell. There’s no other reason they would go with a company who’s been known to use Chinese government malware.

    1. Sure there is, they can use the malware in reverse to spy on the Chinese.

      1. Oh I can’t think of a better reason to buy a phone from a company and country notorious for maliciously spying on users.

  12. Huawei can make the phablet, but please let LG make the smaller one with a big battery!

  13. I’m unhappy about this.

  14. If it’s a solid phone and not too big like last year’s nexus, I’ll get one :)

  15. Well, I won’t be purchasing/using one, that’s for sure.

  16. Huawei have a very dodgy history with regards to spyware and telecoms spying in general. I won’t touch their phones on principle.

    1. Every company is dodgy to some level when it comes to privacy etc

      1. If I have to choose the NSA or the China government spying on me, I’d choose the NSA.

        1. id pick the chinese. they can’t throw me in jail.

      2. That sounds like white washing. Huawei is much worse than most (all?).

  17. I know Huawei products well and they make great phones. They are the largest telecommunications company in the world and they’ll take this opportunity to show the world that they can make a quality phone. I’ve been telling my customers and friends for the last couple of years to watch out for Huawei and Xiaomi!

    1. I am guessing that is not your real name and what I mean by that is you must be a paid troller.

  18. Given the rumors if a tiny 5.7 inch screen I hope this Nexus phablet has at least a large 4200+ mAH battery and duel front facing speakers.

    I still plan to hold onto my Nexus 6 for several years but maybe by the time my battery dies there will be a 6.1+ inch phone to buy.

    1. Should fit well in your man purse. ?

    2. just slap on Hangouts Dialer, on your Nexus7 tablet, and you could use that as your 6.1+ inch phone. the Nexus7 might even fit in your pocket. just tether it to your phone, and you can call anyone with the Hangouts Dialer.

  19. Welp, came here to laugh at numerous ignorant people and conspiracy theorists. Was not disappointed.

    1. I read the header last night and told myself “wait until tomorrow before reading all of the crackpots” hahaha glad i’m not the only one!

  20. Huawei has been making strides in recent years.. No doubt spurred on by newer companies such as Xiaomi etc.. I’ll be watching closely with keen interest! I’d love to jump back onto the Nexus bandwagon but please for the love of God it has to have stellar battery life!

    1. Google has diluted the Nexus brand. Crippling it to force users onto the cloud and letting Verizon, etc. control the version update process makes the brand almost meaningless.

      I’d like to see Google Play edition again. Those got good updates AND choices in local storage, wired and wireless video out, and always full USB OTG support.

      1. Sadly, I have to agree with that first paragraph.

  21. I want more confirmation on the smaller LG one. A smaller version of the G4 at a competitive price point would be right up my alley.

  22. said this 2/3 years ago about this company. They are on the up.

    1. Remember when Samsung got busted stuffing online forums? How’d that work out?

  23. I said just after I got my note 4, my next phone WILL be Huawei

    1. I believe they are also helping develop 5g in UK too!

    2. Mine will be an Ara, providing it comes out in time.

  24. I still haven’t found a phone worthy of upgrading over my Lg Nex5. Beautiful phone, just upgrade the specs, battery, water proof it & make it 5.5″

    1. I’m in the same boat, but if you make it 5.5″, I’m still in the boat.

      There’s plenty of 5.5″+ flagship-level phones. Those of us with small hands would like something in the 4.7-5.0″ range, plz. (Besides the Z3c.)

      1. I can literally place my Nexus 5 (work phone) face down on the screen of my LG G3, with both being in cases, and it fits. Much smaller for the .5″ of screen I get on the G3.

        1. Exactly! The N5 is actually a bit larger than I’d like. Shrink a One M7 vertically a bit (or move the power button to the side and make it a bit grippier like the M9) and that’s about what I want, size-wise.

    2. Give me an N5 with a 5.2 or 5.3″ screen and upgrade all the hardware a little. Make the price similarly reasonable. I will buy it immediately.

  25. IDK, I bought the P8 lite as a backup phone, CS and build quality exceeded my expectations. I’m more optimistic than most. Can’t wait to see it.

  26. Bring it on… I am ready… Give it to me!!!

  27. It’s hilarious seeing people whine for a small Nexus. Simply hilarious. Can’t wait for this beast of a phone!

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5BKAaZrqgE

      I do like the smaller footprint phones since I don’t wear gangsta pants down to my knees. Slim is in here. ;) I ain’t whining though.. not too much.

  28. Every huawei device I’ve ever seen was crap so I have little to no hope that it’ll be decent, I’ll stick to my OnePlus for now

    1. that’s funny coming from an OPO owner.

      1. How so? I’ve had zero problems with my opo and I’ve stripped it down and its well built inside too so where’s the issue? Huawei have had awful software and hardware for years, I’ll admit some of the honor stuff is OK and thryve come on recently a bit but if we are to see a nexus from a big Chinese manufacturer id rater it have been xiaomi to be honest

        1. you stripped it down to fix something, probably its defective glue job… nuff said.

          1. Nope no fixes, I strip almost all my tech down when I get it, as I have to repair a lot of stuff for work its just good to know.

        2. just cause your unit was good doesnt excuse all the issues a ton of others have had. and OPO literally changed their OS lol ont he software front.

  29. what you pay what you get !!!

  30. Rumor: rumored huawei nexus is real. lol

  31. Very cool. As long as it isn’t moto I’m buying it

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