Android Wear 5.1.1 hits the Moto 360 starting today


Moto 360 disconnected DSC06929

Google has announced that the Moto 360 is now receiving its Android 5.1.1 update. Aside from being on the latest version of Android, this Android Wear update delivers always-on apps, gesture support for UI navigation, and WiFi support for devices that have the necessary radios.

Of course, if it’s taking a while for your watch to pull the update down it likely means it hasn’t been greenlit to receive it yet. Fret not, though, because it should make its way there eventually. Let us know how you’re liking it if you’re lucky enough to be in the first wave!

[via Google+]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I thought the 360 has the WiFi radios?

    1. Yeah……it does have it

  2. Yeah, I thought it had the radios too

  3. Um, I was pretty sure that the Moto 360 had wifi radios. What gives?

  4. You all fail to realize what’s happening. You see, Quentyn has literally removed the existence of the WiFi Radio from the Moto 360 with his comment.

    Our minds just have not caught up with this new reality. You all are still within your own reality.

    He truly has the power of a demigod.

    1. LOL. Honest mistake.

      1. No, that’s boring!! Demigod!! LoL!! Nah, we all make them. =.P

      2. With everything on the internet telling me that the Moto 360 had the hardware, you had me thinking I could no longer trust everything on the internets!

        Glad to know that I can continue to trust everything on the internet!

  5. I guess I’ll be keeping my device on for the next 72 hours nonstop, screw airplane mode when charging.

  6. It Does!!!!

  7. This is a new and interesting new for all Android smartwatch users. We all know how ell-loved Moto 360 is as it is one of the best Android wear devices.

  8. The 360 does have Wi-Fi

  9. Just posted by Motorola mobility today a few hours ago.

  10. Just got the Update… Last device I buy with a TI chipset

    1. How is it on the 360? I sold mine and kept the sw3 since it got the update first and runs flawlessly on 5.1.1. I was skeptical on how it would run on that old chipset…

      1. It is running well at this time… took a day for the battery to start to settle in. But everything seems fine at this time.

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