Jun 17th, 2015

nest protect 2nd gen

Alongside a new IP camera, Nest today released a 2nd generation version of their Protect Smoke + CO Detector. So what’s new over the previous model? For starters, battery life is extended from a cool 7 years to a whopping 10+ years. Most people recommend changing fire alarm batteries at least once per year to be on the safe side so we’re not sure , but it’s nice to know that the Nest can last much longer.

nest protect 2nd gen 2

The new Protect also adds a split-spectrum humidity sensor to better differentiate between steam and fire smoke (because nothing is more annoying than your fire alarm going off just because you decided to stir fry some vegetables). Protect can also be silenced from your phone with the new app, which could prove to be a nice convenience feature for those moments when you can’t quite get to the smoke detector (and hopefully not because there’s a massive fire blocking the way).

nest protect 2nd gen 3

That function can be accessed through Nest’s latest app that acts as a hub to control all their products. Beyond all that, it’s gotten a touch of refinement in its chassis, and still maintains the same $99.99 price tag.

No reason not to go with this one if you don’t already have the previous model. For everyone else? It’s up to you to decide whether the battery and sensor improvements are worth buying 2015’s rendition. It’s up for order right now on Google Play.

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