AT&T’s Nexus 6 now getting Android 5.1.1



AT&T’s Nexus 6 is receiving a nice upgrade today. The company has started rolling out Android 5.1.1, the latest stable version of our beloved operating system.

The update isn’t known to bring any huge changes aside from some of the maintenance stuff going on under-the-hood, but it should lead to overall improved system stability and performance. The update will also correctly disable Smart Lock when using EAS password policies.

It’s build LMY47Z, baseband MDM9625_104446.01.02.101R, and an 81MB download that should go down smoothly over 4G LTE or WiFi. Be sure to charge your battery a bit before attempting to pull it down, and enjoy the stable Android experience that you deserve.

[via AT&T]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I was so surprised I got this so quickly (yesterday afternoon).
    I waited too long for 5.1 that I forced an update and took out the SIM. Can’t wait for my Fi invite!

  2. I received this 3 weeks ago….that is weird??? why is this just now being written about??

    1. ATT just got it… everyone else already had it weeks ago.

      ATT is trying their best to take the crown for slowest updates away from Verizon.

      1. That is the thing. I’m on att….I got my update weeks ago. No lie.

        1. Did you take your SIM out at some point?

          1. I did to receive my 5.1 update….does that stick now? am i always going to get the updates first?? because I have not removed the SIM since using that trick to get 5.1

  3. I have a unbranded Nexus 6 and got the update yesterday morning… but I use an AT&T SIM…

  4. When will Google fix the laggy homescreen on the gnote 4?!!!

    1. you mean samsung, you do understand you have a samsung phone right?

      1. he is a cloned account. we have an issue with him over on Technobuffalo. He took offense by another user by the name you see, so he cloned his account and goes around site to site (mainly BGR) and spews nonsense.

  5. Got it ard lunch time today, installed, quick and painless

  6. I received this a couple weeks ago on AT&T without taking out the sim card. I’m surprised that they’re just announcing it now.

  7. Just got my 5.1.1 update and it was 100.6 Mb? wonder what else is in that.

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