Improve the Samsung Galaxy S6 memory management with a simple build.prop tweak


Samsung Galaxy S6 DSC09364

Samsung is still searching for a solution to a memory leak issue that’s been plaguing the Samsung Galaxy S6, but some crafty XDA developers seem to have found a dirty fix in the meantime. Well, it’s less of a fix and more of an improvement, and it involves a simple edit of your device’s build.prop file.

If you’re not sure what it is, a build.prop file stores lots of information about device details and configurations. Changes in the document could do as little as modify your phone’s build name, or as much as tweaking flags for the kernel.

You do need to be rooted in order to edit your build.prop file, and we should also mention this is risky stuff and should only be done if you know what you’re doing and are willing to live with any unforeseen consequences that may surface as a result.

That said, if you’re clear of the dangers and capable of accepting responsibility for what you do on your device, you can make the following changes (use this app, or use a root file manager to edit the file yourself):

In your build.prop under #DHA Properties change these two lines:


Add these 4 lines:


Scroll down beyond the DHA properties where the other properties are stored and remove duplicate entires of


Finally this one will change your LMK values:


When all is said and done, you should have a device that takes it easy on guzzling your RAM, though the developer notes that users might still have problems when using apps that rely on WebView. That’s a small caveat to accept, though, so we’d give it a go anyway if you’re tired of waiting on Samsung to deliver the goods.

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  1. Remove the duplicate entries by putting a # at the front of each line.

    Make a nandroid backup before editing your build.prop – screw something up in the edit and you’ll be bootlooping the instant you reboot to apply your changes.

    Wipe cache from recovery after applying the change.

  2. Yeah I won’t lie that shiz is annoying. I will switch apps for a second or answer a text and pocket cast drops off and I have to relaunch it….so annoying!

    1. It’s unacceptable the phone effectively has no multitasking. Every review should have ripped Samsung apart for this.

      1. Yep.. I agree.. Major flaw.. Hopefully this is good work around u till official update/fix. Little curious on the ending of this story.. “It should help with the guzzling of ram”.. The actually issue IS that’s it’s NOT using enough! It cleans it too much.. It’s too aggressive.. The fix is too USE more by keeping some apps in memory..

      2. Google was ripped apart for this because its a Google android problem with 5.0. At this point we are just waiting on Samsung to deliver 5.1.1 with memory management issues and full camera controls

      3. Funny how the M9 got ripped apart just because the camera mediocre, but Samsung gets a pass on major issues like this…

  3. This article…misinforming readers. This has nothing to do with a memory leak. It’s about the poor memory management on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

  4. Caused bootloop on my s6 edge! Had to reflash stock rom and root again … Tried again and same thing happened again! Anyone actually tried this?

  5. I read/watched several S6 reviews, and don’t remember a single one mentioning memory leaks …

    1. I don’t have that issue on my S6 edge or my wife’s S6.

  6. I am not so technically sound so I could not follow these steps as I don’t know how to
    perform them. I don’t even know what the problem here is as mine is working normal and right now charging on wireless charger for Galaxy S6.

  7. Made it worse

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