Photos of alleged Motorola Moto X 3rd Gen frame show possible fingerprint reader


Motorola Moto X 3rd Gen 2015 frame leak

Like most OEMs, Motorola has had a really hard time keeping their flagships under wraps. Whether it was the first gen Moto X or the Moto X 2nd Gen, we got glimpses of these devices months before their official unveilings. As we approach the year anniversary of last year’s Moto X 2014, we know it’s just a matter of time before things start popping up around the net. Sure enough, blogs overseas are already churning, revealing a few images of what could be this year’s Motorola Moto X 2015.

Chinese site MyDrivers is back once again, showing what they believe are a few images of the next-gen Moto X, well, its chassis anyway. Other than giving us a look at the basic outline of the device, the frame has a peculiar cut out just below the camera hole. It’s rather square in shape, leading some to believe that the phone’s “M” logo will act as a fingerprint scanner. Other than that, not much else was revealed from this leak.

Current rumors point to Motorola delivering 2 flagship models — a 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch Moto X — both with quad HD displays. Other specs are more iffy with Motorola’s CMO talking about how the Moto X 3rd Gen will “bring it” in terms of camera quality and even says more manual controls are on the way. With Google ready to embrace USB Type C, we hope this — along with a much larger battery — will be included on the device.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about the 3rd Gen Moto X in the coming days/weeks. What would you guys like to see on the phone for you to consider purchasing?

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  1. Top of the line processor and a big battery. That’s all we ask for.

    1. Don’t forget camera. Its one of the reason I passed on the 2015.

      1. Motorola isn’t exactly known for their cameras, I don’t think this year is going to be any different. Which is too bad since they are producing the Nexus.

        1. If what they are saying about the Nexi is true, we won’t have to worry about that.

          1. A lot of “rumors” floating around about the nexus, which one are u referring to ?

          2. The LG one, I love the cameras they use.

          3. LG won’t be producing the next Nexus, their cycle is over. The next Nexus is going to have a fingerprint scanner and LG hasn’t even started implementing the tech yet (the LG G5 is going to be their first).

          4. I guess we’ll know in October

          5. I hope sooner rather than later. lol

          6. I’m on Verizon so not sure if we’re going to get it.

          7. ehhh you guys got the Nexus 6, keep those fingers crossed for another miracle.

          8. I think that was mainly because Motorola is in bed with Verizon lol. Plus I wouldn’t really want a Nexus made by Motorola.

  2. IR blaster, wireless charging, water resistance, usb c 3.0, 16MP camera with great chops, always listening mic, 64 bit processor w/ 2.5ghz minimum octacore, 3000mah battery (removable), micro sd slot, 32gb internal, 4gb RAM. Did I miss anything on the wish list?

    1. Isn’t the mic always listening on the 2014 model?

      1. Yes.

      2. It is. I’m listing all the specs for my next superphone.

  3. If the Moto X was offered last year by T-Mobile, I would of went with that. Hopefully they get it right this time

    1. Mine is on Tmobile, but you have to buy the pure edition with AT&T sim and switch the sim out.

      1. That’s Too Much.

  4. I’d like to see my 2nd Gen X get 5.1 before 1st gen. But for 3rd Gen, bigger screen & battery, much better camera (maybe some deals with Sony), stereo speakers, 64gb storage as minimum

  5. The best feature Motorola could offer would be timely android updates. Something they seem to have forgotten.

  6. Hopefully Sprint doesn’t skip this like last year

  7. I just want a big battery that can make phone calls and surf the web.

  8. I need it to have a big battery, a good camera, wireless charging and stock Android.

  9. It needs to be so awesome that I find myself unable to wait and see what the Nexus 5 2015 brings to the table in the autumn. Unlikely.

  10. if the camera and batter are great, this will be my next phone. I’ve always passed them up because of the horrible things I read about it in reviews.

  11. Maybe they’ll finally include Qi Charging since Samsung finally did… My girlfriend got the 2nd Gen and I already had a Nexus 6. I just asked the Moto X had Qi because mine did. Never looked at a spec sheet because I just assumed it would. Sure enough, she was pretty disappointed.

  12. Cool

  13. Honestly, the finger print reader is the last piece that I’ve been waiting for, might have to sell my 2nd gen Moto X for it if reviews come back well. Loving my 2014 X, but I do really want a good fingerprint reader.

  14. Been waiting for the moto x. Only one with stock other than the nexus.

  15. What does Google being ready to embrace Type-C have to do with anything? They don’t own Motorola anymore, Lenovo does.

  16. this was confirmed to be fake. The next gen Moto X will not have a fingerprint scanner and this picture is off of an older model of them trying it out. The new model will sport QI on the back. Head over to Technobuffalo for confirmation.

    1. I didn’t post anything last night but I specifically remembered a Motorola exec down-talking fingerprint scanners a couple months ago (in response to the improved scanner on the S6 when it debuted). Too bad: I really like fpscanners instead of swiping my passcode all the time. And as much as I love what Motorola’s doing with the X series, they’re kind of turning me off with the extremely lengthy update process… May actually consider getting my first Nexus this year if it’s done well.

      1. I love my Nexus 6 man. Its GREAT. I wish it had the FPS on it….but if its not done right, then i’m glad they did not do it at all, ya know?? I am on the fence about the next Nexus line up featuring it but am leaning to wanting it on one.

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