AT&T LG G4 software update (H81010e) rolling out now, doesn’t ask for permission before installing



LG G4 owners on AT&T are left scratching their heads after a mysterious software update was automatically installed on their devices without their consent. Normally when receiving an over-the-air update, the user will receive some sort of a prompt notifying them of an update, along with some form of a changelog listing the new changes. Some OTA updates can actually be postponed for so long before they auto-update but this one just kind of came out of the blue and installed it itself.

So, what was it? According to an AT&T software update page, it was a relatively small 26MB update (which lines up with reports) that began last week and was little more than an update to the AT&T Address Book app. The update is still Android 5.1 (build LMY47D) but updates the software to version H81010e. It’s not the first time AT&T has done something like this, and it probably wont be the last.

Anyone else see their LG G4 applying this update on its own?


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  1. Is my G3 worth updating to the G4. I mean…..is still fast and no lag. I just want a leather backing.

    1. I believe you answered your own question.

    2. Yeah man, go for it. I did and don’t regret it…

      1. I just bought one. How’s the battery life?

        1. It’s comparable to the G3. I really notice no difference, and if anything, it’s slightly better because of the newer battery. As far as charging, I’ve only used QI via the QC case, and of course that takes longer than the normal charging method. Head on over to the Forums to check out the battery life & charging discussions.

    3. I did the update. For me the 2 main differences are 1) the improvement of the already excellent G3 camera (the G4 camera is beyond expectation), and 2) about 20% better battery life. Other than that (and the leather back), the G3 is pretty much up to the standard of the G4.

      1. Thanks for that info bro.

  2. That’s what she …

  3. I received it on my T-Mobile G4. I was at the gym and it just went to recovery, installed and rebooted. No notice whatsoever. As a person that roots every android phone I get my hands on, this bothers me.

  4. Somebody needs to explain to ATT that they can do app updates through the Play Store, they don’t need to push an OTA (or worse, force an OTA like this) just to update one app.

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