Jun 8th, 2015


Earlier today Apple formally unveiled Apple Music, their upcoming music streaming service. With plans to launch on both Windows and Android, it’s clear they’re gunning for big dogs like Spotify, the current reigning king of music streaming. Aside from social aspects and a live global radio station, Apple Music looks to beat Spotify on price, a very important area for those that have yet to jump into the world of all-you-can-eat music streaming.

Not so much on their individual plans which are both evenly matched at $10 (although Apple Music offers 3 months free, while Spotify charges 99 cents), but on their family plan. Apple Music is only asking $15 to give up to 6 people access to their own personalized music space — a price Spotify only offers to 2 users (50% off for each additional account).

Because competition is almost always a good thing, The Verge is now reporting that Spotify — who already experiments with different pricing structures in various markets — could soon match Apple’s offer. According to Jonathan Price, Spotify’s global head of communications and public policy, Spotify plans on offering up these more competitive pricing plans everywhere “in the near future” although he didn’t offer up specifics.

Spotify only has a few more months to nail down pricing, but with Apple’s billion dollar surplus on hand, how can they possibly compete?