Jun 8th, 2015

Pizza Hut projector box

When Google unveiled Cardboard during last year’s Google I/O, they proved that innovative hardware doesn’t always need a complicated manufacturing process to get the job done. Running with that idea is Pizza Hut who, in their latest marketing stunt, has transformed a few limited edition pizza boxes into make-shift movie projectors.


The technology behind it is actually pretty simple and like Cardboard only involves a lens to project a smartphone’s display onto a wall. Yeah, you’re going to need a really dark room if you want to see what’s going on. Even if the quality is somewhat lacking, the boxes more than make up for it in wow factor. Something about this reminds us of tying cups together to form a telephone as a kid — not because it was an effective form of communication, but because it was damn cool.

Marketing stunts like this aren’t too uncommon in fast food. Last week, we saw KFC introduce a Bluetooth keyboard tray that allowed patrons to continue chatting without getting their phones all greased up. Like KFC, Pizza Hut’s boxes didn’t make it stateside and were instead only available in Hong Kong. Even if we couldn’t appreciate this for ourselves we have to admit, it’s still a pretty great idea.


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