Jun 8th, 2015

Move to iOS Android app

They didn’t talk about during their keynote this morning, but apparently Apple’s got another Android app in the works and it’s called Move to iOS. Like the name suggests, Apple wants to make it easier to make the switch to iOS, and it’s doing that by creating an app that moves most of the stuff from your Android device on over to an iPhone or iPad.

Move to iOS will import all of your contacts, message history, photos/videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, songs and books (DRM free ones) wirelessly. The app will also suggest previously installed apps to download from their own App Store, as well as add any paid apps to a Wish List so you can easily find them again.

While we, personally, wouldn’t make a permanent switch to iOS, we won’t knock anyone else for wanting to try new things. Android isn’t for everyone (and neither is iOS) so I can see something like this coming in handy.

The app isn’t available yet, but it looks to be one of the new apps Apple has planned for iOS 9 which launches later this year.


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