HTC reveals 24-carat gold HTC One M9… and takes its picture with an iPhone


htc one m9 gold 1

HTC has revealed a 24 carat gold version of their 2015 flagship HTC One M9. The device was made to celebrate the end of the UEFA Champions League and the finals. It’ll come decked out in gold plating from top to bottom, and the back will be etched with commemorative logos, dates, venues and finals participants.

htc one m9 gold 2

But the phone isn’t even the craziest thing here (after all, it’s just an HTC One M9 in gold). What we found more absurd was that someone at HTC took a real life photo of it with — wait for it — an iPhone. You can see the iPhone’s reflection in the rear of the device on the right in the image below:

htc one m9 gold

It’s no surprise HTC hurried to have that post removed from the company’s main Twitter account pronto.

Funny stuff there, though we should all come to realize that people don’t always use their own company’s products 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. Still, this was a pretty damning slip-up.

[via Twitter]

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  1. How long until that ahole narcissistic Kanye West is seen with one of these? Or maybe even the celebrity president. Or maybe, Beyonce and Jay-Z. It’s a grossly douche phone for douchy people.

    1. The POTUS w/one of these?
      What on earth would make you think he’d sport one of these?

      1. Because he is POTUS only in title, he is a celeb who hangs out with more blingy celebs than anything. Need I say more than this photo?

        1. Belittled…buy an Internet commmenter. Poor prez.

        2. Yeah sure,please say more,as in show me a politician in the past 100 years who hasn’t schmoozed w/the famous/wealthy…………….

          1. Lol maybe he would respect Obama if he would hang out with Meatloaf, or Ted Nugent.

          2. No respect is to be had from my camp, no matter who he hangs out with or is friends with.

          3. Congrats, in one sentence you’ve summed up the blind rhetoric the Obama administration has been up against for his last 2 terms. Also, way to drag an article about phones down into a petty politics argument.

        3. The President is shaking hands with one of his sponsors… what a douche. Next time he should just take his money and then spit on him.

          1. That is how the president “shakes hands”? Thanks, as that further shows how much of a celeb this “president” is.

            NO president in history – going back to George Washington mind you – EVER “shook hands” like this.

          2. So one HAS to shake hands in a very specific way in order to be deemed a president? You have the most ridiculous criteria i have ever heard.
            Also, every single president in the History of the United states has been a celebrity. Let me know the next time we have a president where the entire country/world doesn’t know their name. I’ll be waiting paitiently for that one.

          3. You miss my points… I cannot explain them to you as they are really very basic concepts even if I am using hyperbole to make said points. But it’s ok – under Obama, I am sure you can get some free aid and handouts to fix the issue – on my dime.

          4. No i see your points, they just make very little sense, as its either something extremely trivial or its something that can be applied to every president that has ever existed.
            I don’t get anything for free, in fact i live in NYC, so i pay a boat load of taxes. And I have nearly 50k in student loans from undergrad and grad school and I still think *at least* community college should be available to the public like HS is.
            Nice try though.

      2. Because he is a douche

    2. Says the douche who can’t afford it.

      1. well who would know?? i’m not a wizard or something but I am not seeing anything about prices up there. What if the damn thing is $20k….are you telling me you would be able to afford to go snag that thing up??? mad props if thats the case, i’d be extremely jealous of your bankroll! no sarcasm!

      2. I just peeked at my bank account and it turns out, I can afford it, and I could afford the Apple watch using the same gaudy douchey finish. As a matter of fact, I can afford pretty much anything I want in this life. I am blessed that way. BUT, all of this does NOT equal me wanting it. If I won it, I would sell it. And I know, I was gifted a Breitling watch I sold and bought the Garmin I really wanted as I am not pretentious and I don’t roll with outlandish visual statements like people that will want this nonsense.

        1. after reading his responses to other posts, i’m assuming he will deny deny deny everything you respond with and tell you why you are a liar. I dont know you so how would I know? I can only assume u are tellin the truth and are now jealous that you can do such things!

      3. Ppl still use that excuse… the iphone was far cheaper for meeting to get when upgrading than andriod. The second thing is what flagship from andriod deosnt cost equal or more thanks the iphone. My s6 cost more than a comparable 64gb iphone lol. Why is this garbage being spewed.

  2. WTF, u might as well walk down the street and yell, “here I am, a douchebag with a golden phone, come mug me!”

  3. Haha, of course they could not take the photo with a HTC, with those crappy cameras they got!

  4. Those lines on the back are ugly just like on the iPhones.

  5. Ha ha

  6. this

    1. Goldmember: Dr. Evil, can I paint his yoo-hoo gold? It’s kind of my thing, you know.
      Dr. Evil: [comes over to Goldmember] How ’bout no, you crazy Dutch bastard?


  8. You would think employees would be smart enough to take the pic with an actual M9. Those sneaky reflections.

  9. What a wank.

  10. Does anyone actually need any of this?

  11. Maybe this is the beginning of a partnership between HTC and Apple. An M9 running iOS would shake up the world.

  12. Why do the phones say “Block C2 Row 4 Seat 1” on them? Do the phones act as a ticket for the event or something? or do the recipients want the seat they were sitting in etched in for all eternity?

  13. They probably used an iPhone to take the picture because all of HTC’s phones cameras suck.

  14. Is it any worse than Blackberry tweets coming from the iPhone?

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